Quentin Kenihan

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Quentin Kenihan was born with a serious bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.  Throughout his life he has fractured his bones 665 times. Made famous by Mike Willesee, Quentin became a household name to the nation at the age of 7 - known as the little Aussie battler. As an adult Quentin has carved out a successful career in the entertainment industry. 

Quentin has produced projects for nearly every Australian television network including his own prime time series, Quentin Crashes for Network Ten. He has done short films, commercials and corporate videos and is now taking the big step to feature films. Quentin has been a co-star in 4 feature films - most recently he played a pivotal role in George Miller’s smash hit, 'Mad Max Fury Road.'

The past 12 months have been hugely successful for Quentin. He co-wrote and performed a critically acclaimed stage show about turning 40 as part of The Adelaide Fringe Festival. He also hosted a successful radio series called 'Big' for ABC Digital Radio as well being the film reviewer for the breakfast show on ABC 891 Adelaide. 

He has been an inspiration to thousands of people for his unique personality and his ability to overcome adversity against all the odds. One of his major goals is to be able to inspire others so they can follow their dreams and reach the highest level of success. He does this actively through social media as a blogger on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and has affectionately called his followers his Qpeeps. Quentin is sure to continue to achieve his goals and motivate others no matter what obstacles life puts in front of him. 

Quentin is available for:

Motivational Speaking

Speaking at Schools

Film & Television

Radio Presenting

Comedy Spots

Social Commentary, Reviewing & Blogging as a writer


"Big" on ABC Radio – Episode 1 with Darren Hayes 

“Big” on ABC Radio – Episode 3 with Julia Gillard 

Quentin’s YouTube Channel



“Dressed to party in pink, Kenihan relates his life story from his wheelchair with his trademark passion, humour and wit. He has been in the spotlight on and off since he was a child after an extraordinary interview with Mike Willesee. As a teenager he tired of the publicity, partied with friends, struggled with drugs and emerged stronger for it. His life was transformed when he discovered his gift for filmmaking. Kenihan’s been pursued by TV executives, Hollywood stars and fans of his hit celebrity interview show Quentin Crashes. Along the way he’s broken more bones than Evel Knievel. “I’m 40, Now What?” shows us the public figure as well as the man dealing with the difficulties of his condition behind the scenes. It’s an honest, funny, poignant account illustrated with photos and snippets of film, audience interaction and the thing every good party needs, a singalong. It’s enlightening and thoroughly entertaining. No surprise there because Kenihan’s as sharp as they come.”
Louise Nunn, The Advertiser

“As a performer/storyteller, Quentin is not afraid to let the audience in to see his vulnerability, insecurities and fears. This openness is a key factor to the show and created moments of both humour and catharsis in equal measure. The show is raw, challenging and entertaining because it relates a story constantly flitting between comedy and tragedy.”
Lisa Harper, Radio Adelaide

"Quentin endeavoured to meet every delegate and have a chat. At the dinner, he visited every table. I don't think many guest speakers would have gone to this trouble with genuine interest and enthusiasm as Quentin provided. Quentin's speech went down well, as did his impromptu answers. The following morning after breakfast, Quentin visited the Conference area during morning tea and once again met with delegates and won more hearts. Thank you for arranging this special visit. Quentin is a wonderful gentleman with so many natural qualities."
Anne Oliver, NICAN Conference