Mr. Spin

Creative Entertainment, Comedy, Children's Entertainment

Mr. Spin is a multi-awarding winning juggler who has been entertaining large and enthusiastic audiences worldwide. With a ferocious energy & endearing, charismatic wit Mr. Spin is a true comic genius and one of Australia’s finest jugglers.

With a background in classical dance and inspired by Vaudeville greats Enrico Rastelli, Francis Brunn and Bobby May, Mr. Spin has focused on developing high level skills, fluid movement and his own quirky style of comedy. Nigel Martin (alias Mr. Spin) can be seen under other guises performing internationally with groups ‘Buzz’, ‘Slack Taxi’, and Australia's Lunar Circus. Mr. Spin will be appearing next at The Adelaide Fringe festival, 2006. As well as performing Nigel will be coordinating the first ‘Adelaide International Buskers Competition’.

Mr. Spin has performed extensively around the world, The Adelaide festival & Fringe, The Taste of Tasmania, Fremantle Buskers Festival, The Darwin Sex-po and Melbourne Fringe & Comedy Festival in Australia. Singapore Airlines Expo, Asia. Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Glastonbury Music festival, Winchester Hat Fair, Stockton Riverside Festival and Cardiff Arts Festival in U.K. Just for Laughs festival, Canada. Tollwood Music Festival (under the guise of Slack Taxi), Moers Comedy Festival and Koblenz in Germany. Sziget Music Festival, Hungary. Pflasterpektakel (linz), Olala (Lienz) and Villach Buskers Festival in Austria. Oerol (Terschelling) and Mooi Weer Spelen in The Netherlands. Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark. Fira de Teatre, Tarrega & Valladolid in Spain, to name but a few. I have enclosed a resume of Nigel’s performances with this letter.

The Mr. Spin show
The show is a highly skilled, comic vaudevillian style street/circus act. Mr. Spin is a loveable, charismatic character that is a favourite with all audiences. He performs a beautiful three-ball juggle, diabolo, Chinese devil-sticking with base bats, one ball manipulation and an eight ball juggle, mixed with mad capped antics and a incredible sense of fun, not to mention a few hat tricks thrown in! This all culminates into him jumping on to a seven-foot unicycle where he juggles three baseball bats while balancing a glass of water on his head! The Mr. Spin show can be adapted for either the stage or the street and depending on your requirements the show can run from 20 to 45 minutes.

Cabaret & Stage acts
Five-minute diabolo routine to music
Five-minute ball routine to music
Baseball bat routine (Chinese devil sticking)
Five-minute glow ball routine to music

Mr. Spin Skills
• 1+2 Diabolo Manipulation
• 1+2 Ball Manipulation
• Eating & Juggling
• Unicycling with tricks
• 3-8 Ball Juggling
• 3-5 Club Juggling
• Balancing weirdass objects
• Cigar Box Manipulation and Balances
• Baseball Bat Manipulation and Juggling
• Juggling while skipping a rope
• Mixed object juggles
• 3-5 Ring Juggling
• Rola Bola with tricks
• Fire Juggling & Manipulation
• Close up magic
• Knife juggling
• Hat manipulation
• Chinese rhythm sticking (1&2 sticks)
• Clowning
• Cane Tricks

Festivals Include:
Glastonbury Festival - 2000
Tollwood Festival, Germany - 2000
Edinburgh Festival - 2000
World Expo, Hannover - 2000
WOMAD Reading - 2000
WOMAD, Singapore - 1999
Darwin Festival - 1998-99
WOMADELAIDE - 1999, 2001
Bellingen Global Festival - 1998
Melbourne Fringe Festical - 1997
Singapore Tourism Expo - 1997

Other Performance Work Includes:
Adelaide Casino Advertising Campaign
Role Feature film Sally Marshall Is Not an Alien, 1999


"On a hot December day, in a tight space filled with people in jovial Christmas mood and wanting to be impressed ..... Mr Spin came through with flying colours!! Entertaining - certainly, skilled and clever - absolutely and probably without peer - daring - the Uni-Cycle act held 100 festive drinkers speechless! And to finish people queued to speak to him. Talented and a nice guy to boot!"
Sam Ireland - Office Services Manager, Brock Real Estate