Adam Elliot

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Writer Director Animator of: UNCLE / COUSIN / BROTHER / HARVIE KRUMPET / Mary and Max. Academy Award® winner Adam Elliot, is one of the worlds most celebrated and critically acclaimed independent filmmakers. His five animated films have been viewed by millions of people and have participated in over five-hundred film festivals.

In 2009 “Mary and Max” was invited to open Robert Redford’s Sundance Film Festival - the first Australian and first animated film to ever do so. His films have received over one hundred awards, including five AFI Awards and an Oscar ® in 2004 for “Harvie Krumpet”. In 1999 he was made Young Victorian of the Year and to every ones surprise Adam was recently announced as an Australian National Treasure! He is the official patron of “The Other Film Festival”, new cinema by, with and about people with a disability and is a voting member for the Annual Academy Awards. In 2003 the Annecy International Animation Festival included “Harvie Krumpet” as one of the top 100 animated films of all time. His production company, “Adam Elliot Pictures”, create unique and bittersweet animations, or as Adam calls them 'Clayographies' - clay animated biographies.

Written and directed solely by Adam, his highly skilled team of animators and model makers spend thousands of painstaking hours bringing his comic and poignant cinematic stories to life. Costing millions of dollars and taking years to complete, his team use traditional 'in-camera' techniques, which means every prop set and character is a 'real' miniature handcrafted object. Based on the people around him, his universal stories are personal and unique biographies that deal with themes from the achingly funny to the darkly melancholic. Viewed by people of all ages, his stories have entertained and nourished people in nearly every country on earth. His scripts attract and are voiced by some of the worlds finest actors including, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Toni Collette, Geoffrey Rush, Eric Bana and Barry Humphries.

Born upside down and back to front in 1972, Adam was raised in the Australian Outback on a shrimp farm with his father - a retired acrobatic clown, his mother - a hairdresser, three siblings and two parrots called Sunny and Cher. After the farm went bankrupt, Adam's father moved the family back to the city of Melbourne, where he bought a hardware shop and tried to blend in. Adam was a very shy child and loved to lock himself in his bedroom, spending hours drawing and making things out of egg-cartons and toilet-roll tubes. Despite being sent to a private boy's school where he excelled at Art, English-literature, Photography, Drawing and Sculpture, Adam failed dismally in all the ‘important’ subjects like Maths, Science, Religious Studies and anything to do with throwing balls. Due to his poor grades, his lifelong ambition to become a famous veterinarian has never been fulfilled.

In extra curriculum activities Adam flourished and was a keen member of the school’s Highland Pipe Band where he got over his shyness by playing the Bass-drum and wearing an antique taxidermic lion robe. He also enjoyed acting and wearing skivvies. In his final year he was awarded the school’s highest honour, The A.G. Greenwood Trophy for an outstanding dramatic performance as Dr. Watson in the Sherlock Holmes play “The Incredible Murder of Cardinal Tosca”. Despite the usual teenage ups and downs, Adam continued to draw and make things. Born with a physiological tremor, his shakiness never got in the way and was incorporated into a unique and quirky aesthetic. Today this has become famously known as the ‘chunky-wonky’ style. Upon leaving school, and to his parent’s dismay, Adam spent five years hand-painting tee-shirts at a local craft market. His most popular design was 'Murray the tap-dancing Dim-Sim’, which he put in pizza-boxes and sold for an over inflated price. In 1996 he became bored and decided to study animation at The Victorian College of the Arts. There he made his first stop motion film, “Uncle”, which surprised everyone by becoming a worldwide hit. He suddenly realised he liked filmmaking and has since dedicated himself to the art form, producing four more films, “Cousin”, “Brother”, “Harvie Krumpet” and “Mary and Max”.

In demand as an international corporate speaker Adam has told his inspiring and motivating life-story to hundreds of groups around the world; from huge multinationals to his local library. He lives his life by the famous quote, “that life can only be understood backwards but we have to live it forwards” and via his website thousands of copies of his DVD’s as well as his quirky and original artwork have been acquired by fans around the globe.

He is currently writing his new feature animation, and in between cups of Earl-grey tea, goblets of pretentious French merlot and bouts of Rachmaninov on his piano, he enjoys antique shopping, cooking Tessa Kiros feasts, reading the classics and walking his two pugs, Barry and Kevin.


A naturally gifted, engaging and entertaining communicator, Adam Elliot shares his life story of hard work, persistence, patience and determination to finally win an Academy Award, eclipsing the work of Hollywood giants, Disney, Pixar and Fox Studios. His universal and very funny story is not only thoroughly entertaining but incredibly inspiring and motivating. He has spoken to hundreds of groups around the world, from Coca-Cola to his local library and has worked with legendary actors as Philip Seymour Hoffman, Geoffrey Rush, Eric Bana, Toni Collette, Barry Humphries and even Molly Meldrum!


“Adam was an absolute delight. His talk engaged our people and was a source of humour and inspiration. He was extremely generous with his time, taking the time to meet with a number of our delegates which was a real highlight for them. His speech capped off a three day program and really brought it all into perspective and ensured the audience left on a high.”
Commonwealth Bank

“Adam is a down-to-earth, intelligent and humorous speaker, a great Australian success story. He had the audience's attention from the outset and presented with the right mix of informative content and humour. Congratulations on your success. I am sure that all our guests are eagerly awaiting your next film.”

“Adam was absolutely fantastic he told a story that kept everyone entertained and exposed us to a world that we know very little about. Adam stayed and entertained my clients long into the afternoon which was above what we expected, I would strongly recommend him.”
Fuji Xerox

“Adam was fantastic, a huge success and everyone loved him. His story was very funny and captivating. His style was warm and honest. He came across as an everyday guy, doing what he loves, who happened to win an Oscar along the way. He makes you feel like you could do it too!”
Flight Centre

“Adam spoke exceptionally well and clear, he certainly kept the audience captivated with his success story.  The audience comprised of the highest level CEO, MD of our major clients and are fully aware when good hard work is applied success is usually the result as was in Adam's case.  Feedback was they could have listened to him all evening.”