Heather Swan

Sport, Motivational, Business

Heather Swan is a dual world record holding wingsuit pilot, a mountaineer, an award winning writer, an adventure photographer, wife & mother, and popular professional speaker.

Her professional speaking presentation is based on the incredible story of how, as an ordinary 40 something mum with no background in adventure (or even fitness), she became a dual World Record Holding extreme sports woman.

Heather was a highly successful corporate executive who held senior management positions in Australian and multi national corporations. Until 1995 she had never planned to climb anything other than the career ladder. Then she went to a corporate breakfast and was mesmerised by the speaker, Dr. Glenn Singleman. He was a world record holding mountaineer and BASEjumper who spoke about mental mastery to overcome fear. After his presentation Heather introduced herself and three years later they were married. Not content to stay at home while Glenn went adventuring, Heather challenged him to teach her to skydive, climb and BASEjump so they could set a new world record together. She had no idea what she was in for - a six-year-long roller coaster ride of wins, devastating losses, near death experiences and ultimately the spectacular achievement of her goal to make the Worlds Highest BASEjump in a wingsuit.

Heather is one of only two female Wingsuit Instructors in Australia. Her story has been profiled twice on ‘Australian Story’ and she and husband Glenn have also been featured in two 60 Minutes segments. A feature documentary will also be released world wide in 2011.

In August 2011 Heather and Glenn will attempt to break 3 more world records - for the furthest flight, the highest launch and the fastest speed in a wingsuit. This will take place over the Flinders Rangers and be covered by 60 Minutes and Australian Geographic.


"My legs are still shaking after your presentation today – it was life changing, so thank you very much. I loved the combination of actually seeing moments from your journey, and hearing the lessons you learnt along the way, and the inspiring quotes. Thank you so much for sharing your story as it is certainly jaw dropping."
Ruth Morgan

"What I loved most about Heather's presentation was that we not only got to hear her speak about her amazing experiences but we also saw real footage of them (as she spoke) which made you feel like you were there witnessing it first hand. Heather is an amazing woman and a fabulous speaker with loads of passion and energy. I couldn't help but rush home to tell my husband and two children about her story. I walked away feeling inspired and empowered!"
Australian Institute of Management – Women in Management

“The best keynote I’ve heard.”
Gary Cobley, OPTUS

“Hi Heather, You spoke to us yesterday at the Westin and I just wanted to say how moved I was by listening to your story. You’ve really inspired me to stop saying ‘can’t’ and push myself to conquer the things I fear (work, social, physical). I’ve just bought your book online and am really looking forward to reading it. I’ve even called my sister in London (another professional woman pushing herself every day to overcome her fears), to say listen to what THIS woman did! You’re a true inspiration. Once again, thank you for sharing your amazing story.”
Stacey White, The LiTMUS Group