Jodie Benveniste

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Jodie Benveniste is a psychologist, author, parenting expert, and director of Parent Wellbeing. Jodie is the author of four books including the highly acclaimed Full Belly: Comfort and inspiration for pregnancy and birth, and Little Bundle: Comfort and inspiration for new parents.

She has been featured on Today Tonight, The Morning Shows on Channel 7 and Channel 10, in The Australian, The Daily Telegraph, The Herald Sun, The Courier Mail, The Advertiser, The Sunday Mail, ABC and commercial radio, and in all the top parenting magazines.

She is Affiliate Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Adelaide, and is Editorial Advisor for Family Fun Magazine.

Jodie brings a wealth of professional and personal experience to her work. She uses workshops, books, and speeches to guide and mentor parents. Her warmth, empathy and passion offer comfort, inspiration and insight.

She is also mum to two young children.


Work Family Flow

This engaging keynote shows how Jodie’s specially created concept, Work Family Flow, is a better way to conceive of work family issues. Jodie inspires working parents to create more fulfilling professional and personal lives.

Parent Wellbeing

This insightful keynote inspires parents to care for themselves so they can care better for their children. Being a parent is both richly rewarding experience and incredibly challenging. Parent Wellbeing helps parents define how they want to raise their kids, teaches them practical tools, and offers ongoing support and community connections so they can worry less, enjoy parenting more, and make the most of family life. Jodie’s wise and warm words help parents enjoy the rewards and cope better with the challenges.