Caroline Buchanan

Sport, Motivational

Caroline Buchanan started riding a bike like every other kid in Australia, the difference was she wanted to race everybody in her street! Since that time Caroline has taken the passion for riding her bike and her need for speed to the very top. In 2009 and again in 2010 Caroline was crowned as the World Mountain Bike Champion. Caroline now travels the World as a professional racer in two disciplines - BMX and 4cross Mountain Bike racing. But whilst Caroline is a champion on the track, she is proving to be just as great off the track.

Career Highlights

  • 2012 London Olympic Games - #5th place racing & #1st place time trial
  • BMX World Champion 2012 Time Trial Winner
  • Ranked #1 in the UCI BMX World Rankings
  • 2012 World Cup BMX season winner!
  • 2012 #1st place final Norway BMX Supercross World Cup
  • 2012 Winner of 6 consecutive World Cup/Worlds/Olympic Time Trials
  • 2 x Mountaibike World Champion
  • 2011 World BMX Championships 2nd place (Time Trials)
  • 7 times Australian Cyclist Of The Year Awards
  • 2010 Female BMX Supercross Rider Of The Year
  • Finalist 2010 Young Australian of the Year Awards
  • 14 times Australian National Champion BMX & Mountain Bike

Caroline takes great delight in encouraging the next generation of bike riders by remaining naturally friendly and always approachable. She loves any opportunity to participate in clinics to teach kids around the world the joys of racing and partaking in a sport that requires both athletic and mental agility - a sport that is universally available to all children no matter what their standard. Caroline Buchanan is wonderful role model, excellent communicator and a self starter when it comes to understanding the needs of sponsors. Caroline manages her on line presence personally. She produces her own blogs that are followed around the World.

Caroline understands the modern marketing and promotional techniques and uses them to communicate in a very professional and sophisticated manner. Caroline is a natural leader who is inspiring. Her work ethic in training and racing is uncompromising.

Caroline is an exuberant young lady that has a responsible attitude to everything she does. She is a positive influence on everybody she meets.

Now in her early 20’s with race wins all over the World, Caroline Buchanan is the perfect role model for the youth of Australia and the World. Brands that want to capture the youth market need look no further than Caroline as a Brand Ambassador.