Mitchell Watt

Sport, Motivational

Long jumping super star Mitchell Watt was born to run and jump. Introduced to the thrills of running fast at the age of ten through Little Athletics, it was not until after he had played Rugby Union for Queensland Schoolboys and Australian Rules in the State’s Champion Schoolboys team that he came back to the track.

At 19 he returned to athletics through a chance meeting with a friend from Little Aths days. Gifted with speed and agility Mitchell found the discipline of long jumping perfect for him. After only 18 months Mitchell had accomplished a great deal and he found himself selected to represent Australia at the World Athletic Championships in Berlin 2009.

As a relative unknown and surrounded by the world’s best, Mitchell surprised everybody by jumping into the Bronze Medal position and establishing himself immediately as an elite athlete. Twenty one years old, a bronze medal and just beginning in the sport is an amazing achievement. He followed the World Championships with another Bronze Medal at the World Indoor Championships in March 2010.

Mitchell’s generation excels in multi-tasking and Mitchell is no exception. On top of his elite training schedule, Mitchell is juggling the demands of an Economics/ Law degree at the University of Queensland and passing with distinction. Excellent communication skills are a fundamental pre-requisite for a lawyer and so too for an elite athlete. Mitchell is a polished media performer and relishes every opportunity to speak publically about his sport.

He encourages Australians to make the most of any opportunities that present themselves and to enjoy the journey as it unfolds. Mitchell Watt is an exciting prospect. He is young, ambitious and a dedicated professional at everything he does.

Handsome and well spoken, Mitchell will leap at the opportunity to represent his country for many years to come. He is an excellent role model for Australia’s youth.