The Bongo Brothers

Children's Entertainment, Creative Entertainment, Comedy

The Bongo Brothers are a theatrical world music comedy trio. They have two hilarious shows for children, “Quest for the Ultimate Rhythm” & “Surf Safari”. The Bongo Brothers have been playing together since 2004. They are experienced touring schools and festivals Australia wide. They toured to Mexico where they recorded their debut album, Cactus (2005) followed up by their second album Surf Safari (2010) recorded in Bryon Bay. They have performed to over 100,000 children.

Duo show and trio show 50 minutes. Can play for shorter times such as 2 x 25mins and also do percussion roving over extended period of time – 1 to 3 hours.

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“They’re the Wiggles for funky parents. After nearly a decade dazzling kids and parents with their infectious grooves, the Bongo Brothers have created a tight, hysterical piece of musical comedy and wild percussion that doesn’t lag for a second. With an emphasis on fun and interaction, these talented musicians and high-energy performers will have your kids jumping out of their seats - and you’ll find yourself on your feet next to them.”
The Age

“The Bongo Brothers show was a high energy, fast paced, slapstick piece of choreographed musical lunacy.”
The Herald Sun

“The audience was captured with the vibrant performers. Very talented musicians, storytellers and comedians, not to forget Drongo the brilliant cartoonist.”
ABC Radio

 “We appreciate the performers squeezing all they could into the show. It was highly entertaining with a lot of humour that held the children’s attention. A high level of musical skill combined with comical performance – Great!”
Linda Dalton – Raleigh Public School

“Fully entertaining for the children. We enjoyed a wonderful journey of music throughout the world. Educational & funny – hardly a moment went by without the children laughing. Three great personalities & musicians. Great value – could have gone on longer.”
 Debbie Brookes – Gilwinga Public School

“The children were involved & had many opportunities to copy and repeat the rhythms they heard – they loved the humour and the acting out by the performers. Very professional.”
Margaret Quirk – St Patricks Primary School 

“Thoroughly engaging. Fabulous musicianship.”
Port Phillip Special School

“Great entertainment, pace was good – no down moments. The level of entertainment engaged all students & staff. A great performance – kids learnt a lot. The performers were excellent, with a variety of skills – fantastic. Held everyone’s attention for the whole performance”
Dorothy Leahy - Frank Partridge Public School