Brett Kelly

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As the founder and CEO of Kelly + Partners Chartered Accountants, Brett Kelly doesn’t just talk about money; he lives and breathes the notion that ‘Your Money is Your Choice’.

With more than 15 years' experience in business advisory services and corporate finance Brett has a unique gift to captivate, connect with, entertain and share with his audiences the insights and wisdom he has gathered advising high profile corporations nationwide.

Brett leaves the audience with walk-away tools that are easy-to-implement and offers profitable know-how that can immediately improve financial performance. After All, 'Your Money is Your Choice'.


Your Business Your Choice

In building Kelly + Partners, one of the largest accounting firms in Australia, Brett Kelly has been witness to many of the bottom line implications of poor decision making in business.

When starting a small business most people will have their own version of the wealth they are looking to generate. Having a clear vision of what we hope to achieve is necessary, however many business owners overlook the simple fact that it is our daily decisions that drive our habits, and those habits are the foundations on which our business success or failure is built.

In this presentation, Brett Kelly explores the idea of 'Your Business, Your Choice' breaking down business and financial success into the sum result of the choices we make along the way. After all... Your Business is ultimately Your Choice.

Key Take Aways:

  • Understanding the 'Five Keys' to business success
  • How does the performance of your business reveal your true values, and how do you adjust or change these values.

Your Money Your Choice

With the Global Financial Crises, there has never been a more important time to identify the mismanagement of our finances personally and within our business. Whilst we may have grand ideas for our financial future, it is our actions that drive habits, and those habits are the formula for creating our destiny.

In this presentation, Brett explores the idea that our financial results are a result of our choices. The great thing about money is those choices are always measurable, and if we can develop strategies to reflect on our financial behaviour personally and in business, we can not only plan but execute the steps required to achieve profitability in our lives.

Key Take Aways:

  • What Your Financial Position Says About You?
  • How your personal balance sheet demonstrates your values and what to do to change it.
  • Develop financial strategies to help you organise, plan and achieve your financial goals.
  • A strategic approach to growing the value of your business.


“Brett spoke at length on our financial health gaining full attention and totally captivating the audience. By the end of Brett's presentation we were energised to take action on areas of finance that we usually ignore."
Chair, McDonald's Australia National Licensee Business Group

“Over the past five years, I have attended numerous seminars and listened to some of the finest public speakers and I have to say, yours was one the most refreshingly honest, uncanned and inspirational stories I've listened to.”
LJ Hooker Captain's Club

“Your presentation added immensely to the success of the conference and greatly enhanced the key messages and objectives of the conference.”
National World Travel

“Brett is mentor, communicator, motivator as well as accountant, with obvious depth of experience and knowledge in this arena.”
Ray White Unlimited