Sam Cawthorn

Business, Motivational

Sam is a thought leader and expert on using change to not only bounce back, but bounce forward. He is the CEO for Empowering Enterprises and has been featured in USA Today and the New York Times. He is also a State Winner for the 2009 Young Australian of the Year. 

In October 2006 Sam’s life changed forever, it was through this journey that he developed a set of tools in resilience that enables him to miraculously recover from his accident. In his compelling keynotes Sam shares what he discovered through this process, discovering that when approached correctly, change can be used as a platform for exponential growth. Sam shares powerful yet simple models for resilience, which audiences can immediately apply to their lives with measurable results.

Sam has a diverse background within the Australian Federal Government as a Youth Futurist, a highly skilled musician and one of the only people in the world to play the guitar with an above elbow amputation. Having been honoured for his business acumen, strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavours – Sam has has the unique ability to transform impossibilities into possible realities. 



The uncertainty of today’s business and life throws us tough times which we neither expect, nor have the know how to deal with. After these crises hit, too often we focus on bouncing back to where we were before, instead of bouncing forward to where we can become.

Sam Cawthorn has been obsessed with finding out the psychology of why some bounce back and some bounce forward. He uses real life case scenarios and bullet proof strategies to unleash those who are stuck in the past to the true potential that exists in the future. In the BOUNCE keynotes or Workshops, Sam unpacks: 

  • The BluePrint to the 5 Bounce. Forward Principles to bounce higher, greater and better. 
  • The four unknown characteristics to building an unstoppable resilient team and demonstrating the importance of Positive Psychology in areas of productivity and performance. 
  • The three major pillars to strengthen your team and break any limits.

The BIONICS of Change

Whether changes in the economy, legislation changes, competition changes, client behaviour changes or just the continuous changes that happens every day - understanding and maximising the power of change is imperative.

If you think that our ability to cope with these changes could not be any more stretched… think again. Sam looks at the true Bionics of Change, how we cope, the stories we tell ourselves and how to literally ‘reprogram’ our systems to deal with change more effectively. The result being a system or organisation that not only processes change quickly, but transforms it into something that only visionaries could imagine. In this program Sam will focus on: 

  • Marrying the organisational ‘WHY’ to the member/staff/clients ‘WHY’.
  • How to inspire teams to embrace change and maximise it’s positive effects.
  • Developing Bionics of Change relevant to YOUR organisation.


“You are the most extraordinary person that I've ever met. Your courage and will to overcome adversity is commendable. I truly feel privileged to have witnessed such an amazing talent. You are changing the world one person at a time. You've changed us.”

“Inspiring and entertaining the room was transfixed by Sam's message of optimism in both business and in life.”
CEO – Citibank

“Sam is a very engaging speaker and his message of “bouncing forward” resonated with our team.  He’s a living example of how important it is to stay positive, to be resilient and to keep pushing forward no matter what challenges come.”
BP President

“I have been coming along to these type of conferences for over 15 years, this session is by far the BEST session that I have ever attended.”
Commonwealth Bank

“We engaged Sam Cawthorn to address our National Sales Team... Not only was Sam's story inspirational he directly related it to the challenges our team face daily. I highly recommend Sam to any organisation seeking to motivate their staff.”

“Among some of the most high profile speakers in the world, Sam was the highest ranked speaker in the history of our annual conference.”

“Sam has that rare ability to really inspire change through his own personal journey and the powerful way he tells his story. Today, 1 week after meeting Sam, I had 6 people tell me how they were Bouncing Forwards!”