Laura Zerra

Motivational, Lifestyle | Health & Happiness

Laura is a true nomadic modern day adventurer and survivalist. She has studied Ethnobiology, taught primitive survival and outdoor leadership, volunteered with the Buffalo Field Campaign in West Yellowstone, Montana where she documented the slaughter of the last wild herd of bison, studied jungle survival first hand along the coast of Mexico, worked processing wild game, shoeing horses, leading treks, learning about taxidermy, and is a skilled hunter.

Laura put her skills to the test when she spent 21 days in full survival in Panama, as a cast member of the Discovery Networks show “Naked and Afraid.” In the second season of the hit show, after three survivalists failed to complete 21 days in the Peruvian Amazon, she was invited back to successfully complete the challenge. Laura believes that fostering a relationship to the wild is profoundly life-changing and is passionate about the freedom, independence and empowerment it brings.

Television: ‘Naked and Afraid XL’ Cast Member, Discovery Network 2015 ‘Naked and Afraid’ Cast Member, Series 1 and 2, Discovery Network 2013 and 2014.