Andrea Kirwin


Andrea Kirwin is an Australian-Fijian Artist/Producer based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. With a warm stage presence and ever evolving soulful sound, Andrea has been steadily building a national following across Australia since the release of her first album, 'From the Ground Up' in 2013. She writes and arranges her songs by weaving melodies together intricately with purpose and passion much like the way her Fijian grandmother used to weave pandanus mats in the village back in her mother's homeland of Fiji. Her sound is an earthy blend of roots/reggae/funk and soul and her distinctly warm voice waxes and wanes between her more gentler songs and upbeat crowd pleasing tracks.

Being self-funded and full time independent artist, Andrea loves to perform in many various forms including solo, as a duo (as the Kirwin Sisters), trio, four piece and six piece band. She is also currently putting together a mighty 11 piece band for her next musical evolution leading into 2018. Below is some information about the different formats Andrea performs as in addition to playing solo.

ANDREA KIRWIN & BAND (4 - 6 piece band)

The smooth sounds of Andrea Kirwin and Band are truly a musical delight to listen to. Their live performances are an uplifting experience as the band effortlessly cruise through the genres of reggae/soul/funk/blues and roots whilst Andrea's heartfelt and powerful vocals and lyrics deeply connect to each audience. Andrea writes and arranges songs that breathe to allow each member to trade solos and add their personality to the mix. Band members include Mitch Francis on Drums, OJ Newcomb on Bass, Brodie Graham on Electric guitar and full band includes Andrew Szumowski on Keys and Robbie Amhaz on Congas and Percussion. Often building up to a crescendo of funk and soul at the end of each set, Andrea Kirwin and Band play music that's designed to make you feel good and will leave you buzzing from the high vibes and positive messages of peace, love and unity.

Andrea Kirwin & The Golden are pumped to share the high vibrations of feel good funk/soul/roots/reggae direct from the Sunshine Coast. Andrea Kirwin is flanked by a super group of 10 talented musicians. With a unique blend of high energy roots/reggae/funk and soul the laid back island diva is stepping it up complete with horn section and back-up singers to elevate into a higher dimension of sound. Island Party vibes and hula dancing are all part of the show, with Andrea's soaring vocals and smooth lyrical raps a feature. With her fourth album 'Present State of Mind' due out early 2018 and plans to tour in the UK and Canada, this will be a great opportunity to see Andrea and her incredible band in full flight.


Over the past 4 years, Andrea has self-produced 3 Albums under her own Record Label, Peace Run Records. Her second album, 'The Story of Us' (released in 2015), had 4 songs highly commended at the Queensland Music Awards. She has been performing regularly up and down the East Coast of Australia for over 10 years having initially picked up a guitar at age 21 and beginning her song writing journey. She is now based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and is working on her fourth independent album.



  • National Multicultural Festival
  • Fairbridge Folk Festival
  • Wintermoon
  • Palm Creek
  • Winter Blues
  • Noosa Festival of Water
  • Gold Coast Multicultural Festival
  • International Readers and Writers Festival


  • Maleny Music Festival
  • Valley Fiesta
  • Majors Creek Folk Festival
  • Bigsound
  • Four Winds Festival
  • West End Festival
  • Horizon Festival
  • International Reader & Writers Festival
  • Quandamooka Festival


  • Woodford Folk Festival
  • Caloundra Music Festival
  • Palm Creek Folk Festival
  • Wintermoon Festival
  • Noosa Festival of Water
  • Noosa Festival of Surfing


  • Woodford Folk Festival
  • Caloundra Music Festival
  • Ocean St World Festival
  • Noosa Festival of Water
  • Noosa Festival of Surfing



6 Piece Band Video:
Yellow Brick Road Live at Woodford QLD
Woodford Folk Festival - 'Distance' Live 2015/16

4 Piece Band Videos:
Save Our Souls
Give Me One Reason
Guitar Man
Breathe in Breathe Out
Cross Over Now

Solo Videos:
'Cross Over Now' Live @ Radio Interview
Into the Unknown
Blue Skies
Fast Car version by Andrea Kirwin
'Right Here', Falls Session


"Andrea Kiwrin is jaw-droppingly good. Her voice, her guitar playing, her songwriting - she's the complete package. Whether she has a band behind her or it's just her and her guitar she's superb. Definitely one to watch...and listen to."
Mary-Lou Stephens, ABC Coast FM

"If Joan Armatrading, Janis Ian and Joni Mitchell could have a child she would be Andrea Kirwin."
Women Who Rock Oz