Cameron Daddo

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Cameron Daddo began his multi-award winning career in entertainment over 30 years ago.

He has covered just about every angle… acting/producing and directing in film/television to musical theatre, from a published singer/songwriter to magazine columnist, from a television host to radio announcer.

Cameron relocated to the Los Angeles in ’92 with his wife Alison Brahe. He has appeared in many top rating television shows, including all of the CSI’s and NCSI’s, the Mentalist, he featured as the Vice President in a season of 24 and played the President in the hit series, Nikita.

Cameron works between the US and Australia with local stage credits for Legally Blonde and TV drama performances including Beaconsfield, the story of the 2006 mine collapse and as a series regular Adam Goodman in Packed to the Rafters.Alison and Cameron have three children, one in college, one in high school and youngest in grade school.

Cameron’s latest album “TEN Songs and change…” is available on iTunes and as the #1 night time announcer, he can be heard 7nights on Australian FM radio on