>> Onya Soapbox

"In 2005 a partnership was established between the Headroom Project auspiced by the Children Youth and Women’s Health Service and Onya Soapbox to develop and stage the inaugural My Happiness Exhibition. This initiative was designed to raise awareness about young people’s mental health as well as a fundraising event with the proceeds of live and silent auctions going to the Headroom Project to support arts activities for young people. The My Happiness Exhibition was held in June 2006.

Onya Soapbox provided staff and co-ordinated all aspects of planning, staging and finalising the event. From our perspective, the event was efficiently and effectively managed. In working with Onya Soapbox we particularly valued:

  • The Project coordinator actively consulting, liaising and keeping us informed of all stages of the event and seeking our input to develop and target publicity strategies. This ensured that through the My Happiness exhibition important information about young people and mental health was conveyed to the general and arts supporting public.

  • Onya Soapbox staff resourcefulness and extensive networking skills that secured the donation of over 80 pieces of artwork and the support of a number of performers, artists and entertainers. They also secured significant in-kind sponsorship for the venue, printing, website, refreshments and prizes associated with the event.

Working with Onya Soapbox on the My Happiness Exhibition has been a highly successful and worthwhile collaboration not only because of the fundraising outcome achieved but in providing the opportunity for us to work with a highly professional, community-minded management company and staff team. It was an event that was very well received by the artists, entertainers and sponsors who contributed to the event as well as the audience in attendance.

Planning for the 2007 My Happiness Exhibition is well underway and we have every confidence that Onya Soapbox will manage the event in a professional manner. We believe that Onya Soapbox has established a solid foundation for the event and we can only see the My Happiness Exhibition growing from strength to strength as a fundraiser and community awareness raising campaign to support the Headroom Project and promote the positive mental health and young people."

Beajaye Wright – Headroom

>> Adam Hills

"Hills delivers stand up so effortlessly brilliant you wonder why some comedians even get out of bed"
The Guardian, London

“If you cannot enjoy Adam Hills you cannot have a pulse. Four Stars”
The Scotsman

“Hills’s wit is incisively dry and sharp and his observations are bitingly precise”
Sunday Herald Sun

“[his] interaction with the audience proved so fruitful that they were reluctant to release him back on to the stage”
The Scotsman

“An Adam Hills show is always a festival highlight…with real weight, wit and purpose behind his contagious positivity”
Chortle (UK)

>> Alex Sion

“Alex’s wealth of financial services experience, his deep digital industry knowledge and proven success in creating and leading technology teams to world-class implementation is second-to-none.”
CEO Movenbank

Alex is a recognized speaker and panelist in the financial services space he will continue this thought leadership role with the full support of the Movenbank family.”
Brett King

>> Alisa Camplin OAM

"One word - AMAZING! Alisa’s ability to overcome adversity, physical, mental and emotional challenges really left the audience inspired, motivated and ready to lead! The breadth of the presentation was phenomenal. She was able to share and freely talk through extremely personal stories in a professional manner which made a huge impact on the audience. Alisa was able to share her sporting accomplishments and relate her learning's and the tools she used during this time to the corporate working environment. She brought fantastic personality and authenticity to the presentation which helped keep the audience connected and sitting on the edge of their seats!"
Rebecca Allen
Coles Limited

"Alisa was fantastic! She brought great energy and enthusiasm to the My Career Fair as the opening speaker of our event. Alisa’s story and messages left people highly motivated and engaged to focus on their careers. I keep receiving unsolicited feedback from those in attendance saying how awesome Alisa was and how glad they were to be able to hear from someone so inspiring."
Chris Pedic

"Alisa was wonderful to work with from start to finish. She showed a genuine interest in what we were trying to achieve and tailored her address to suit the audience. Listening to Alisa speak touches the heart, inspires, motivates and gives real insight into what it takes to be the best - which was applicable to a range of life experiences."
Gareth Hockings
Department of Education NSW

>> Anders Sorman-Nilsson

"I've never seen such positive feedback on our leadership meetings. People really left energised and engaged!"
President of Business Unit, Fortune 500 - Pharmaceutical Company

"Anders' style is as entertaining and engaging as it is upbeat and informative. From the audience feedback, I know the attendees appreciated your unique take on forces at play in our global business environment and the personal transformations we must all undergo to remain compatible, effective and relevant!"
CEO & President of Fortune 500 Company

"Anders adapted to the unique demographics of our audience. His informative and energetic style was a huge hit with our attendees!"
Marketing Manager, Fortune 500, Cisco

"Anders provided an engaging and energetic presentation of real and relevant information to the business that could be used in all areas across the business both now and moving into the future!"
Head of Regional Portfolio Management Asia, Fortune 500

"Excellent, professional, well-structured presentation and good connection to audience, very energetic and engaging."
Executive Director – Bus Industry Federation

"Anders presentation was an unexpected experience that I can only describe as astonishing."
Property Consultant, Harcourts

"As always, your presentation was compelling, entertaining and thought-provoking, and you also managed to capture the eftpos message perfectly."
Managing Director, EFTPOS Australia

>> Andrea Kirwin

“Andrea Kirwin has a rare voice that runs deep.... deep enough to carry you back to an era where the way an artist delivered their message  was everything.”

"Andrea Kiwrin is jaw-droppingly good. Her voice, her guitar playing, her songwriting - she's the complete package. Whether she has a band behind her or it's just her and her guitar she's superb. Definitely one to watch...and listen to."
Mary-Lou Stephens, ABC Coast FM

"If Joan Armatrading, Janis Ian and Joni Mitchell could have a child she would be Andrea Kirwin."
Women Who Rock Oz

"We recently worked with Andrea for an intimate corporate dinner we produced in Adelaide, and cannot recommend her highly enough. Her voice is absolutely beautiful and complimented our event so well. Not only that, many guests also commented that she was a delight to work with. We'll certainly do all we can to work with Andrea again for future events!"
Mali Williams - KOJO

>> Andrew 'Cosi' Costello

"Cosi perfectly performed his MC role. He went with the flow and did a great job in revving the audience up prior to the author talk. We’ll certainly consider using Cosi again."
Ian Hildebrand - Mount Barker Community Library

“I would like to pass on a huge "Thank you" from CPA Australia for your excellent presentation last night.  You went well over and above what we usually expect from a speaker - making an effort to mingle with the crowd and making a point of saying goodbye to each person at the end of the night. You are a true professional! After last night’s session, I feel that we are in a great position to make a success of it (a regular event) here in Adelaide - and a lot of the credit goes to you!  The feedback I have received from the members this morning has been fantastic.”
Emily Jerome - Event Coordinator – CPA Australia Ltd

"Very professional, got the crowd pumping, excellent MC! He did everything he was asked and had a great rapport with the crowd. Overall, very happy - Cosi would be a definite consideration for 2006."
Shane Shepherd - Project Coordinator: Encounter Youth - Schoolies Week

>> Anh Do

“Irrepressible good humour, infectious energy and bright optimism.”
The Sydney Morning Herald

"The happiest audience experience I have ever had.”
Arts Hub

“Two thumbs, five stars, show of the season.”

"We could have heard a pin drop whilst Anh was speaking, and to address a room of 150 principals on the third day of their conference was outstanding. I would highly recommend him to anyone, one minute there was tears of laughter, the next minute tears of sadness. He is very gifted in speaking, but so genuine; I think a lot who heard him speak were heading straight to the bookshop to purchase his book."
Department of Education & Early Childhood Development

"Your inspiring talk to the Commonwealth Bank was nothing short of life changing."
Michael Duff - Managing Director, Mindsense

“Simply amazing, he received a standing ovation!!!”
Lisa Dawson - Toshiba Australia

“We thought we were just getting a really funny comedian - and we certainly did - but so much more. We have had many speakers over the years and Anh was the best ever!"
Glenys Broadhead – The Conference Team

“Anh is the consummate professional and took a lot of time to learn about our business and the people involved - he has a strong inspirational message and is just a great performer - I'd recommend Anh unreservedly.”
Simon Lyon - Fuji Xerox

>> Anna Lumb (Hoola Hoop & Trapeze)

 “Anna Lumb's hula hoop routine is a spectacular mix of sass and well executed tricks. Truly wonderful, engaging the audience with masterful skill, wit and charm.” 
Arts Hub 

 “Adorable retro schtick.” 
★★★★ The Age, Melbourne

“A fusion of daredevil skills with alt-vaudevillian stage theatrics.” 
Frankie Magazine

“Pocket Rocket circus queen Anna Lumb combines the art of burlesque and circus in a breathtaking trapeze performance.” 
★★★★ Theatre People

“The true standouts of the night though are the circus-style acts. Anna Lumb, channeling the Metropolis robot with gold suit and staccato movements, delivers a virtuosic hula hoop performance.” 
Australian Stage

“A highlight is a hula hoop routine by Anna Lumb who also manages a trapeze solo in a pair of killer stiletto heels.” 
★★★★ The Age, Melbourne 

“The enchanting Anna the Pocket Rocket, entertains with her highly skilled hula hooping and beautiful static trapeze routine.” 
★★★★★ Fringe Review, Brighton UK 

“Stunning aerial work and super cute hula act.” 
The Argus, UK 

“Circus dynamo.” 
★★★★1/2 Herald Sun 

“So bizarre and quirky you quickly question what is folly and what is genius.”
★★★★1/2 Kryztoff Raw, Adelaide 

"Crafting a unique voice in the ever evolving circus genre.” 
Herald Sun

>> Anthony Clarke

“I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your time and effort during the Clipsal Contractor Trip last week. It was an absolute pleasure to not only meet you, but to hear the stories you had to share and advice you had to give. It’s truly a remarkable life's journey that you have travelled on thus far and I believe that the lessons learned from your presentation were invaluable to our audience. We received nothing but positive feedback from our guests who thoroughly enjoyed the experience with you, most notably your sense of humour, mental strength and certainly the demonstrations. I felt it was only appropriate to relay this information back to you. I would personally like to thank you for the photos you allowed me to take with you and your medals, as it is something that I will certainly treasure. 

We at Clipsal wish you all the best in your future endeavours, especially the 2008 Olympic Games which we understand will be your last. We have no doubt that you will take the Gold for Australia. I can assure you that you are greatly respected and admired within the Clipsal organisation and we hope to see you again soon at another one of our functions in the near future. Thank you once again Anthony and the team at Onya Soapbox for making this an enjoyable experience for all involved.” 
Marcus Capaldo - National Contractor Coordinator, Clipsal Communications

"The feed back we received about your performance was outstanding and again we thank you for making the time available to support our club. On behalf of all at Port Adelaide Football Club we wish you all the best in the future and we look forward to your continued support."
Brian Cunningham - Chief Executive Port Adelaide Football Club

"The humour and manner with which Anthony discussed his accident and subsequent lifestyle had the audience quickly at ease. His approach to life as evidenced by his wonderful anecdotes gave many much to laugh about and think about. Anthony was certainly one of the highlights of the Congress. One trade delegate mentioned that he was completely unaware of the time during Anthony's talk, which in the busy lives of these people is a sure indication of the success of the speaker."
Wendy Lacoon - Convention Consultant

"The fact that you held each of your four audience groups captivated illustrates the timelessness and relevance of the messages you delivered. This particular age group is ruthlessly discerning, and highly critical of folk who they perceive as being non-genuine. None of the feedback received at the completion of the conference suggested that your sessions were anything but extremely well accepted. In fact, to a child, when asked to identify the single, most positive thing that would be taken away from the day's programme, the resounding response was "Guest Speaker - Anthony Clarke".  I can only concur with the student population. Your presence, and contributions, were powerful in there impact and have certainly set us all thinking about how we can over come 'negativity of the mind' by focusing on attainable success. Shortly after your visit, one of my students, a leader on the conference day, was hospitalised with a serious, and life threatening, eating disorder. In one of our last conversations at school, she mentioned how determined she had become to beat her illness as a direct result of the inspiration she took from your talk!"
Deb Porter - Highbury Primary School 

"On behalf of the year 11 students that you recently inspired while sharing your amazing life, stories, adventures and unexpected achievements I would like to once again thank you for coming. You have given us a new approach to life and showed us that no matter how hard one's life is, one can always make it better. You have given us new challenges in life that none of us dared to do before. You have touched many of us and will always be embedded in our hearts and memories as "An Unlikely Champion Who Inspired Students."
Ljiljana Ilic - Mt. Carmel College 

"Anthony Clarke was fantastic and everyone enjoyed listening to him speak. Anthony stayed after his speech and spoke with many of our staff which was so fantastic of him."
Gillian Griffith – BHP Billiton

>> Baby et Lulu

“There’s a joie de vivre to this album of songs…  sung in French and often in unison or harmony. C’est tres bon.”
Bernard Zuel, Sydney Morning Herald

‘With blithe spirit, old material is made new, yet again”
Alistair Jones, The Australian

"Dobson and Goodridge had the seated audience eating out of the palms of their hands... and pranced off stage to the sounds of a standing ovation" 

The Drum Media

"It is impossible not to be charmed by the hypnotic voices of Baby and Lulu”
Arts Hub

"Baby et Lulu, a couple of unabashed Francophile chanteuses, put on a show that leaves their audience feeling as refreshed as a bottle of sweet white wine rather than Cabaret’s standard night on the red” 


"They have a tongue-in-cheek rapport and their voices blend beautifully as they roll out hits...Dobson's French adaptation of her hit single Even When I'm Sleeping was a highlight and Goodridge plays a mean fiddle”. 

Adelaide Now

"Arriving to the packed out Festival Theatre main stage, it was clear the très charismatic pairing of sexy songstress’ Abby Dobson and Lara Goodridge, AKA Baby et Lulu, have earned themselves a strong following of baguette-loving-baby-boomers"

The AU Review 

“Baby et Lulu shine a dazzling light on the French songbook”.
ABC Mid North Coast

"Chanteuses Abby Dobson and Lara Goodridge in slinky, tight frocks and showing some leg — as part of the 2013 Adelaide Cabaret Festival — was advertised as ‘a sassy romance in Paris’ and did not disappoint."

Maggie Tate - Global Media Post

"Lara Goodridge and Abby Dobson combine their amazing talents in an explosion of French chic. After hearing some of their tunes it is hard not to appreciate the talent that is Baby et Lulu”.
Alt Media Group

“Dobson & Goodridge's vocals entwine; two lovesick songbirds in a melancholic pas de deux. Superb... Dobson's husky, yet delicate, quivering vocals put one immediately in mind of berets, checkerboard cafe chairs and long-legged passers-by. Goodridge's assertive, ever-adaptable and versatile violin playing has a clarity that matches her singing”.
Australian Stage

>> Ben Price

“I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic performance Ben, or should I say Tom Cruise, John Howard, even Arnie!!!  You truly are an amazing impersonator - the feedback we received after your performance was overwhelming to say the least: brilliant, hilarious - book him again.  Ben, keep up the great performance and truly hope to engage your services again.”
Mobil Oil Australia Pty Ltd

”Olympics Opening Ceremony, Ben's impersonation of the Prime Minister John Howard was witty and delightful. This set the scene for an exciting night of entertainment.”

”Ben Prices Master of Ceremonies was a very talented, professional entertainer, with great impersonations, lots of humour and stories.”
Fairfax Community Newspapers

”Absolutely sensational! Everyone had a fabulous evening and would recommend Ben for any event if they are looking for the ‘Wow’ factor.”

”Ben has an amazing ability to capture the essence of a character; how a person looks, talks, walks and feels. He could probably even reproduce how they smell, but that would probably cost extra. Ben doesn’t just impersonate someone, he inhabits them.”
Tom Gleisner - The Panel, Thank God You're Here

”...we've found a replacement for the Channel 9 sports department...Ben can do them all!”
Triple M Radio Melbourne

"He came in as a bumbling English Nurseryman with an innovative idea for tracking plants - confused the life out of the professionals in the industry. He even managed to get them asking questions before revealing his true identity - which one would that be? He has his characters down to perfection - turn around and you wouldn't know you were listening to an impersonator. He was great fun. Excellent!"
Nursery Garden and Industry of Victoria

"Thank you so much for making our Christmas Luncheon this year a special one. Your show was absolutely brilliant and everyone of our customers that I have spoken to have said how much they enjoyed your impersonations and jokes (my cheek muscles were aching afterwards!). I've no doubt you are Australia's best impersonator and we would highly recommend you to anyone looking for similar professional corporate entertainment."
Bistech Pty Ltd

"Ben had us all totally fooled as a gardening expert. The Scottish character was done to a tee. Very funny indeed!"

"Master of Ceremonies - Ben focused on three characters, The Mask, The Terminator and Jack Nicholson, all of whom were convincingly performed."
Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

"Ben Prices Master of Ceremonies was a very talented, professional entertainer, with great impersonations, lots of humour and stories."
Fairfax Community Newspapers

"Convincing impersonations of Steve Bracks and Jeff Kennett... the audience howled with laughter throughout."
The Age

"Olympics Opening Ceremony, Ben's impersonation of the Prime Minister John Howard was witty and delightful. This set the scene for an exciting night of entertainment."

"Ben Price was excellent especially Arnie! Excellent cross section and variety of entertainment."

"Absolutely sensational! Everyone had a fabulous evening and would recommend Ben for any event if they are looking for the 'wow' factor."

Gold 104.3 FM

"An excellent all round performance with great impersonations and comedy. Ben's interaction with the group was a feature of his performance."
Bendigo Bank

"Ben's approach was great, he fitted some tailored material into his presentation and was good value as company over dinner. Tim Tam was a crackup. I would recommend him highly."
Goulburn Valley Water

>> Bob Downe

"The magic of the man behind the mask.”
The Studio

“Whether serious or madcap, almost every line was delivered direct to the eyes of an audience member, yet Trevorrow's innate likeability allowed him to do this without any sense of confrontation. Perhaps Downe will let him out more often."
John Shand - Sydney Morning Herald

“Bob was a huge success and the crowd loved him.  He made a big difference to the atmosphere on the night and we were thrilled with his energy and personality.  He also made the effort to make some comments that were linked to the event which increased his impact - and he was absolutely hilarious.”
Karin Dunsford - Walford School

>> Brett King

“Brett delivered extraordinary insights to Google’s clients and partners in his BIG SHIFT presentation. At Google we are used to some big ideas and even bigger names, but Brett delivered a unique view that was truly surprising...”
Head of Google Finance, Australia and New Zealand

“The examples King brought into the room were captivating. His perspective on the importance of customer behaviour is critical. Organisations must instead listen and adapt to customer behaviour”
NAB Australia

“We truly appreciate your insights about the bank and customers of today and the future...their changing behaviour and lifestyles, their attitudes towards new technologies, and their role in changing the future of financial services. It was indeed an honour and a rare privilege to have you as our guest speaker.”

“Brett, you were an absolute pleasure to work with! I cannot fault your professionalism. I have received constant compliments about your presentation, and would be delighted to work with you again. It is rare to find a speaker that can both command a stage and work one on one so successfully!”
Cards & Payments 2013

“Everyone that attended walked away with lots to think about and a new direction on which to focus. We would highly recommend scheduling Brett to speak at your next function!”
Executive Assistant at Coors Credit Union

>> Bryan Dawe

"Bryan was fantastic - a perfect way to end our breakfast function. People were talking about his performance all day!"
Boating Industry Association of Victoria

"A masterful performance... The evening was enjoyed by all, with lots of comments on the skill and humour of Bryan."
Austin Health

"Bryan was certainly the right choice of speaker for our business forum. We have received extremely positive feedback from our attending guests on Sir Murray River’s appearance, rated very highly.  Sir Murray River certainly captured the essence of our event and delivered a very well research performance that hit the spot with our Executives and guests."
Westpac Business Network

"Bryan's performance was top class, Sir Murray Rivers red carded the Mayor! Bryan is a very talented and funny man ! It was a pleasure to have Bryan and Sir Murray at the World Environment Day Dinner and we hope in the future he will come again.”
City of Greater Geelong

"Bryan was more than excellent; he was absolutely brilliant. Our delegates were still talking about his performance the next day and how much they had enjoyed it.”
Credit Union Services Corporation

“Bryan’s Sir Murray Rivers QC act was just as funny as the first time I saw it. He was very well received by the guests at the 2007 CMC Chamber Mayoral Ball in Hervey Bay.”
Civil Mining and Construction

"Bryan was an absolute gentleman and very easy to deal with... and his performance was wonderful. Bryan is an intelligent, friendly and very personable man in his own right, and once in character, as Sir Murray Rivers, he judges his audience and entertains accordingly - I couldn't have asked for a better performer or performance, thanks Bryan, err Sir Murray! "
North Central Catchment Management Authority (CMA)

>> Cal Wilson

"….. a work of art" 
The Age, Melbourne

"100% festival gem…." 
Inpress, Melbourne

"Frenetic, furious and crammed with laughs..." 
Emerald Hill Times

"An absolute joy to watch" 
Capital Times

>> Cathy Freeman

"Catherine was absolutely wonderful all day. Every Casey staff member that came in contact with her was impressed by her relaxed and down to earth personality. More importantly feedback from the public has been outstanding. Many children have told us meeting Catherine at the GP Run was the best day of their lives. A lot of feedback we have received from the public was that this year was the best GP Run ever and I’m sure an enormous amount of that feedback came to us because of Catherine’s performance on the day."
City of Casey

>> Celia Pacquola

"One of our most gifted stand-ups at the top of her game."
The Age

"A comic who can step to the level of Tina Fey."
Herald Sun, Melbourne

Endlessly charming, furiously honest and beautifully written stand-up from the Aussie”
The Independent, (UK)

“Strong stand up…consistently fine routines…her writing is tight, the performance engaging.”
The Scotsman (UK)


>> Charlie Pickering

"Charming company and a natural raconteur."
The Scotsman

"You won't be disappointed."
The Independent UK

"Dangerously funny."
Cape Town Argus

New Zealand Herald

"Stuffs more material into an hour than other comics do in two."
Herald Sun

"Australia's Best."
The Adelaide Advertiser

>> Claire Hooper

“The sprightly Hooper shines. Her animated expressions and dynamic movement sequences are precision quality.”

“Marvellously entertaining.”

>> Colin Lane

“So funny, I cried.”
The Age

“Moments of brilliance that see it soar.”
Sunday Herald Sun

>> Cosentino

“A supercharged showman.”
Herald Sun

“Daredevil performer.”
National Nine News

“Mirrors the legendary Harry Houdini.”
LA Times

>> Damian Callinan

“Damian is a stand out, gifted Comedian and MC with a great ability to tune in to any audience. I first saw him as MC of the annual “Opera in the Otways" [Cape Otway/ Apollo Bay - 300 people] He was very funny and entertaining. The second time was as Comedian – ‘Troy the country football coach’ at the Bendigo Bank State Conference [450 people - Bankers and Partners] He had the room in stitches. Thoroughly recommend.”
Endorsement: Michael Daunt - Board Member - Creswick Community Bank
Events: Opera In The Otways (2011) & Bendigo Bank State Conference (2012)

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you Damian for your fantastic efforts as our MC on the night. We have had so much great feedback about you Damian – you really did help to make the night even better than it has been in previous years. Thanks for being so flexible and accommodating around timing, seating and the program. We would be very interested in exploring having you as MC again next year.”
Endorsement: Wendy Grimston – Communications & Change Manager – State Trustees of Victoria
Event: State Trustees Ball - Hyatt Ballroom (2011)

“Damian made our first day at work a really great day. Everyone laughed and enjoyed every minute. He was able to capture so many points related to teaching and put them into true and comical situation. Well done, Damian.”
Endorsement: Carol Rawson - Lowanna College, Newborough
Event: Professional Development Day (2012)

“Thanks so much for creating and bringing to life your comic Dafydd Lewis Alumnus character for the Dafydd Lewis Dinner last Friday night. I personally was greatly amused by the absurdity of the country football player describing so proudly the wondrous cultural post season tours he had been on. And looking around me I could see lots of our Alumni and current scholars were also. Well done you!”
Endorsement: Tanya Costello - Senior Manager, Philanthropy Partners, ANZ Trustees
Event: Daffyd Lewis Scholarship Dinner (2008)

“On behalf of the convenor, Dr Bill Watkins and the organising committee of the Fertility Society Annual Conference, thank you for the wonderful performance at our dinner. Your show ‘Spaznuts’ could not have been more appropriate for our delegates and they enjoyed every moment. Your performance was, without doubt, one of the stand-outs of the conference and was discussed and re-lived in detail throughout the next day! We greatly appreciated the work you put onto ‘personalise’ the show to our delegates and the conference.”
Endorsement: Kim Odea – Fertility Society of Australia
Event: Fertility Society Annual Conference (2007)

“I just wanted to thank you for last night and let you know that we've been getting some fantastic feedback. You did an excellent job, especially at getting the students involved! Students keep telling us about how much they enjoyed the activities and how they'd like to do it again! So great work, your activities were just what we were after. I wish you well in your upcoming ventures. Hopefully we'll see you again soon. Thanks again!”
Endorsement: Cassandra (Sandy) Webb - Student Advocate & Support Coordinator - Monash University Gippsland Student Union
Event: Monash Gippsland First year Integration Day (2009)

“On behalf of the Walking on Words committee I would like to thank you for your fantastic dinner speech and terrific MCing at our conference. It was wonderful and we appreciate the time and effort that you put into your work. 100% of Conference delegates gave your performance the highest rating, which is a huge result and has never happened before. Dinner participants also raved about your very funny and clever performance. So thank you, it was a pleasure meeting you and I wish you every success with your tour.”
Endorsement: Jenny Fink - Operations Manager, Central Highlands Regional Library Corporation
Event: Walking With Words – Early Years Literacy Conference (2009)

“I want to thank you on behalf of all the Roaring Forties members for your absolutely fantastic support of our event at such incredible short notice last Friday. You are rated as one of the best comedians we have had in 29 years and I have already been requested your contact details for other events! People with your skill and willingness to help are rare and we really appreciate your contribution ... you were very, very, good!”
Endorsement: Geoff Sinclair – President -The Roaring Forties Club & CEO Brigadoon Horses
Event: Roaring Forties Annual Post Grand Final Lunch (2010)

>> Dan Gregory

Dan's talk had the room engaged from the outset and took our team on a 90 minute journey, resulting in eyes and minds being opened to new opportunities. The feedback after the event was overwhelmingly positive and we wouldn't hesitate in working with Dan again in the future.”
Merck Sharp Dohme

“Rarely have I heard anybody articulate their thoughts with such clarity and vision. His intelligence and insight provides a much greater understanding of how to engage your customers, consumers and the community. I would whole heartedly recommend Dan, you will never be disappointed.”Horticulture Australia Ltd

“Anybody who can attend Dan's presentations should consider themselves very privileged.”
Macquarie University

>> Dave O'Neil

"Dave was a big hit on Monday night...our MD loved him!! She whooped it up on the evening (with Dave directing jokes at her) and she has since commented that she thought he was very funny. Although, she said that she is still getting used to our Aussie humour (she's a New Yorker), so missed some jokes, but still enjoyed it. Overall, a big success. I found Dave to be punctual, prepared and personable. And VERY funny!! We were very happy with his service, and would consider him again for other functions."
Anastasia Yianni - Public Relations Manager – Myer

“An atmosphere some comedians would kill to be able to generate, sitting in Dave O’Neil’s audience is genuinely to feel like you’ve stumbled into a relaxed conversation among friends… there’s an engaging affability… unprepossessingly good-spirited fun.”

“One of our most accomplished stand-ups”
The Age

“Dave was sensational. His material was great, he was witty, engaging and had everyone roaring with laughter.”
Louise Hinsley, National Marketing Manager, PFD Food Services

“In true Aussie style, he comes across as a laidback friend… the difference is he’s so clever he can handle any topic and gets away with everything.”
Giulia Baggio, Australian Council of Trade Unions

>> Dave Thornton

“He’s razor sharp and very funny.”

“A quick and self deprecating wit…an engaging comic with a truly Australian take on life.”
The Age

“Don’t miss this.” ★★★★★

>> Derrick McManus

"Derrick was excellent! The audience feedback was great and they loved his presentation and story. If people could adapt the qualities Derrick discussed in their lives, we would all be much better off. Thankyou for your assistance."
Angelo Mignanelli, Project Manager - Flinders Medical Centre

"Derrick's situation was such that I felt many parallels could be drawn to illustrate goal setting, teamwork, perseverance and determination, training focus and courage. He delivered his talk in a very natural, open and insightful manner. It had a very positive effect on my staff."
Geoff Qurban - State Director - Tmp.worldwide

"If Derrick could conjure up all the will power to endure what he did, and win through, then so can we. This is exactly the commitment we were looking for in our people."
Jeff Boundy - Mitsubishi Motors Australia

"Derrick McManus was very good to deal with leading up to and on the day of the event, he was accessible, easy to talk to and very professional I would recommend him, he is a great communicator with a great story. Speaking personally I though he was one the of best presenters I have seen - I think this is because of his down to earth approach and the unique story and experience."
Rosemary Irons - Capstone Financial Services

>> Dominic Thurbon

Dominic is a fantastic, dynamic presenter who really demystified the whole ‘technology’ thing for us. His presentation was engaging, entertaining and – best of all – really valuable to us in the way we work.”
Glaxo SmithKilne

“Dominic presentations for our senior client audience. They were right on brief and really inspired people about the potential to unleash collaboration and innovation. He speaks the language of business, understands business models and tailors his message to suit the audience. His dynamic and engaging style affects real behavioural and attitudinal change and made him a l hit with the audience.”

“Dom Thurbon made us think very differently and we were all buzzing with new ideas at the end of the session. I would highly recommend Dom to work with your team – you will certainly be engaged, challenged and very creative with your approach.”  
Australian Broadcasting Corporation

>> Dorinda Hafner

“The Living Life to the Fullest Expo was fantastic. Dorinda and Michael were a real draw card and I've had nothing but positive feedback about the Q&A session. Very funny too!”
Jodie Blake - City of Playford

“On behalf of the Council of English Australia I’d like to thank you for your contribution to the success of the English Australia Conference. Your closing plenary session was everything we wanted it to be, and more. Thank you for engaging and uplifting the delegates and ensuring they left on a ‘high’, ready to go back to their classrooms and offices with renewed energy and purpose. Delegate comments have been exceptionally positive and I’m sure that for many your address was a high point of their conference experience.”
David Matthews - Chair, English Australia

“Dorinda was just the right person to deliver the very important message of cultural diversity to our health professional audience at the 2006 Australian Asthma Conference. Prior to commencing her session on the day, Dorinda said that she was feeling particularly naughty today and that she was going to give our delegates a message that they would not forget. Dorinda shared her personal background and experiences, as well as her many observations of human behavior, where she spoke candidly of some people’s reflection of love and acceptance, while others display cruelty and loathing. Dorinda's messages about cultural diversity are always potent and memorable gems to treasure.”
Pamela Lockyer-Scrutton - Chief Executive, Asthma Foundation of SA

“Dorinda Hafner was just the tonic our conference needed. She describes herself as a story-teller and that is exactly what she is, but her stories are relevant to the needs we all have. Her sense of humour and passion for life is absolutely contagious. The audience fell in love with her and fell off their chairs laughing with her. We will definitely be having Dorinda at future conferences.”
Des Penny - Proteus Enterprises

>> Dr Deane W Hutton

"I would like to commend you on your presentation to the Arglye Diamonds leadership team recently. Being an after-dinner speaker, following a long day for conference attendees, and competing with food and wine, is no easy thing.  However you managed to have the audience rapt - and even educated us in the process! The interactive multimedia approach was particularly engaging. Your topics and examples were very apt for an engineering type business, but even more relevant were you comments and role modelling of the importance of storytelling for leaders. You also showed that we must embrace rapid innovation, and we should see this as opportunity, not threat. All the best for 2008.  May the new technology not outstrip your ability to humanise it!"  
Alan Tietzel, CEO, Arglye Diamonds

"Thank you for the fantastic presentation you gave at our Business Innovation Cup Award function.  It was a high profile function for our organization and it was important that everything about the event was professional, entertaining and punctual.  Your presentation fit the bill perfectly.  Given that I was the organizer of the event, I am very grateful to you for the entertaining and informative presentation that you gave. I received a lot of feedback after the event saying how much people enjoyed your ‘show;. The material you covered was especially well suited to the innovation theme of the day and you delivered it with great audience interaction, enthusiasm and humour.  Your performance was a major contributor to the success of the function."
David Syme, GM Corporate Sevices, ETSA Utilities (Electricity Trust of South Australia)

"Your address The Foreseeable Future gave us a view of the technological advances made up to now, and extrapolated these into future possibilities. Importantly, you also kept humanity involved by focusing on attitudes we need to adopt if we are to make a foreseeable future happen. Thank you."
John Bevilacqua, National Semiconductor Australia

"I just wanted to say how much the whole junior school enjoyed your Magic of Science show last week.  I have had children coming to talk to me about it ever since.  Thank you for your time, enthusiasm and inspiring students that science is all around us."
Emily Johnston, Head of Science, Tanglin Trust Junior School, Singapore

"Thank you for your contributions to Seven News bulletins.  They’ve fitted the brief perfectly and provided an extra point of interest in our News services.  You have a wonderful knack of simplifying the complicated and communicating effectively."
Terry Plan, News Director, Channel Seven Adelaide

"Great speakers mix expertise, passion for the subject, and engaging delivery. Deane does all three in helping leaders discover wisdom and practical insights from science.  Don’t be blind sighted by scientific innovation; let Deane help you use it to invent the future for your organization."
Terry Paulson, PhD, Psychologist, Speaker on Making Change Work President, International Federation for Professional Speakers 2001/2002

>> Dr Sally Cockburn (Dr Feelgood)

“Sally was great to deal with. She listened to our brief and tailored her presentation to our specific needs. I would not hesitate to use her again!”
Accor Asia Pacific

“Sally presented some serious health issues to a group of 90% men with great success. Her blunt but humorous nature had them all riveted; very pleased with our choice.”
Australian Accident Repair Network

“Sally did exactly what we asked of her; keeping the afternoon presentation serious and ensuring the night session was fun!”
Best-fed Group Ltd

“Sally was excellent, had done her homework and integrated her presentation into the agricultural industry beautifully.”
Birchip Cropping Group

“Sally was excellent.”
Business Enterprise Centre (BEC)

“Very easy to liaise with prior to, and on the day; this allowed suitable inclusion of the overall seminar theme and ‘entertainment’ pitched at the right level. Dr Feelgood's approach and content was valued and enjoyed by delegates and partners equally.”
C.K. Prowse & Associates

“Sally is a true professional. She was extremely enthusiastic and positive, and ran the event without a hitch.”
Cadbury Schweppes

“Sally was very easy to deal with; I felt Dr Sally was only talking to me, not 150 other women.”
Conrad Treasury Brisbane

“Sally was very funny and enjoyable to listen to. Many delegates commented that she was a great presenter and the subject matter was highly relevant to personal relationships, self health and the ability to deliver in the work place. A lot of people found that the talk was much needed and great to finally have a ‘balance’ given the attention it deserves!”
Department of Finance and Administration

“Sally was very well received by the audience. We felt that she 'read' the audience well, was lively, entertaining and relevant. The feedback we received was very positive.”
Department of Health

“Dr Cockburn was most definitely an asset to our forum. She kept the day moving and was always alert to any possible mishaps. Dr Cockburn was able to keep up with all speakers and often referred back to things they had said during the course of the day.”
Department of Housing

“Sally was a very entertaining and knowledgeable speaker. She presented what can be serious topics in a lighthearted way and engaged the audience with her humour.”
Gordon Institute of TAFE

“Sally was extremely entertaining and engaging; talking of issues relevant to our community and event.”
Harden Shire Council

“Sally was absolutely delightful and a joy to have on site. We all loved her so much and I wanted to thank you for coordinating the session; a very happy pharmaceutical group, so many thanks.”

“She was fantastic; very confident and humorous with a great personality.”
Institute of Chartered Accountants, VIC

>> Dylan Lewis

"Dylan was very well prepared and spoke excellently with the crowd sitting on the edge of their seat. He knew his argument and put it forward with hilarity."
Sam Cocks - Urbantech Finance CEO
(Book Smarts vs Street Smarts Debate)

>> Electric Swing Circus (UK)

BBC, Edinburgh Festival

“Sure-fire festival favourites, the Electric Swing Circus excel in the live arena. Their energy and infectious enthusiasm can win over the toughest of crowds. As close to a guaranteed good time as you’re ever likely to find.”    
Nick Hollywood - Founder White Mink Black Cotton

"The Electric Swing Circus pulled one of the largest crowds we've ever seen at the Shambala main stage and they surely hold the record for the most audience members jumping in unison! Their sound is huge, their energy is infectious and the show unique - a real no brainer for bookers and festivals across the world.” 
John Walsh – Director Shambala Festival

"The Electric Swing Circus have become an annual fixture at the Twinwood Festival. They deliver an exciting and vibrant sound that hits the spot every time. The arena is always packed with an adoring crowd who would definitely lynch me if I didn't have them back every year!”
David Wooding -  Director of Twinwood Events Limited

"Jump Like a bean. More Soul than all of dover. And Hotter than the hottest chilli. The perfect menu of festival madness.”
Chris Tofu – Continental Drifts

"One of the highlights of Glastonbury Festival…”
 Official Glastonbury Guide


>> Emma Hack

"We were fortunate to have engaged Emma Hack to deliver an inspired body art installation as part of our exhibit at the 2013 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. Emma was fantastic to work with; relaxed, accommodating and very professional. Emma’s design exceeded our expectations and she was a huge drawcard, attracting media and general interest from show participants. I would be happy to recommend Emma to any future clients."
Euan Laird - Chief Executive Officer, Nursery and Garden Industry Association of Australia

"Just a wee note to try and express my gratitude - though surely words are insufficient. Emma, you went beyond the call, times a thousand. You are a true artisan while also being a consummate professional and a wonderful spirit. You have magnificent poise and joy in you and were generous enough to also share that with us. Thanking you infinitely."
Natasha Pincus – Starkraving Productions

"I wanted to email to say a HUGE thank you for doing SUCH an amazing job with the models on Wednesday for the Westfield Campaign. Westfield were absolutely thrilled with the results and how gorgeous and life-like the models outfits looked! As I’m sure you’ve seen, we’ve had some amazing media coverage of the event, in large part thanks to you and your assistants – please also thank them and your models from me and the team. Thanks again Emma, and hope to work with you again in future."
Elizabeth Reid - Senior Account Manager, Haystac

"Emma Hack and model Tegan were a pleasure to have at this event and were a stand out for the hosts, Urbantech Finance. Not only because of Emma’s skills but her down to earth personality made her a pleasure to have as a guest at the event once she had completed the body art. Emma and Tegan visited the tables and talked to guests when the body art was complete which the audience loved."
Sam Cocks - Urbantech Finance CEO

"Emma Hack’s body painting work at an intimate Panasonic @ Work launch event added colour to the room and was a great way to entertain guests"
Kate Moffatt - Senior Consultant and Manager, Events - Michels Warren (Tour Down Under)

>> Felicity Ward

"Relentless... easily her best Fringe show to date." ★★★★★
The Mirror

"Joyfully funny…her originality and sheer inventiveness stay with you long after." ★★★★★
Edinburgh Evening News

"Felicity Ward’s delivery fizzes and flashes and bangs…hilarious...priceless…infectious...compelling...mental illness isn’t supposed to be this much fun." ★★★★

"Ward's so damn charming, of course, and her energy, clever constructs and wordplay so winning." ★★★★
Sydney Morning Herald

"Whip-smart, relatable and painfully but hilariously honest." ★★★★
Arts Hub

>> Frank Woodley

“you must leap out of your chair and sacrifice life and limb to buy a ticket”
Sunday Herald Sun, Melbourne

“one of our most naturally gifted comedians”
The Age, Melbourne

“Woodley has so cleverly matured into the most immature performer in Australian comic history”
Courier Mail, Brisbane

“he is undoubtedly one of the best physical comics in Australia.”
The Advertiser, South Australia

"As universal as it is timeless"
The Guardian, UK

"Endlessly inventive mirth-making"
The Herald, Scotland

>> Guy Sebastian

“From a publicity/pr point of view, Guy was great with the media and very professional to work with. He knew the key messages about the event, was familiar with his role and kept on track with messages. We have had a lot of feedback from guests, all saying that he was a natural as a host and was fantastic in that role. He was genuinely enthusiastic about the night which came across in interviews and when he was meeting guests, media, fans. Guy was a pleasure to work with.”

>> Heath Franklin

“Australia's funniest comedy character.”
Sunday Mail

“Franklin is a true comedy talent.”
The Age

“This is character comedy at its finest. Franklin has charismatic aggression down to a fine art; a bloody funny show.”
Onstage Scotland

>> Heather Swan

"My legs are still shaking after your presentation today – it was life changing, so thank you very much. I loved the combination of actually seeing moments from your journey, and hearing the lessons you learnt along the way, and the inspiring quotes. Thank you so much for sharing your story as it is certainly jaw dropping."
Ruth Morgan

"What I loved most about Heather's presentation was that we not only got to hear her speak about her amazing experiences but we also saw real footage of them (as she spoke) which made you feel like you were there witnessing it first hand. Heather is an amazing woman and a fabulous speaker with loads of passion and energy. I couldn't help but rush home to tell my husband and two children about her story. I walked away feeling inspired and empowered!"
Australian Institute of Management – Women in Management

“The best keynote I’ve heard.”
Gary Cobley, OPTUS

“Hi Heather, You spoke to us yesterday at the Westin and I just wanted to say how moved I was by listening to your story. You’ve really inspired me to stop saying ‘can’t’ and push myself to conquer the things I fear (work, social, physical). I’ve just bought your book online and am really looking forward to reading it. I’ve even called my sister in London (another professional woman pushing herself every day to overcome her fears), to say listen to what THIS woman did! You’re a true inspiration. Once again, thank you for sharing your amazing story.”
Stacey White, The LiTMUS Group

>> Ian Thorpe

“Ian Thorpe is arguably the greatest swimmer ever... His abilities and skills have inspired a generation of young swimmers.” 
Lord Sebastian Coe, 2011

“People have been impressed that Ian was so positive, so happy, personable, well spoken and the amount of time he gave. People raved about Ian and walked away after the evening with a great feeling.”
Tim Pragram – National Sales Manager of Samsung Telecommunications

>> Jackie Loeb

“Her performance was electrifying, surprising and above all-completely hysterical. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time. Her routine is fun, original, and brilliantly clever and she will not only win you over with her wicked sense of humour, but also the depths of her many talents! You’d be utterly mad to miss her show!”
Johanna Griggs, TV Presenter, Channel 7
“One of the top five comedy acts.”
Sydney Morning Herald

“Fantastic, daring, and devastatingly funny.”
The Pun

“Gobsmackingly excellent.”
Sydney Star Observer

“Loeb’s impersonations of everyone from Tracy Chapman to Macy Gray are mini masterpieces.”
The List, United Kingdom

“Jackie Loeb was outstanding.”
Pink On The Peninsular

“She had the audience in the palm of her hand. They loved every minute.”
Laycock St Theatre

“Jackie was brilliant. She really made the night.”
AMP Capital Pty Ltd

>> James O'Loghlin

“Thank you for working your magic as MC last Monday at the NSW Premier's Awards. We've received an overwhelmingly positive response regarding the awards ceremony with many mentioning just how much they appreciated your work!”
NSW Department of Health

“We were thrilled with James and the way in which he facilitated the panel discussion. He understood the brief, the aims and the target audience. He made the panellists feel incredibly comfortable and kept the discussion on track and on time. And he injected his wonderful sense of humour!”
Communications and Marketing Manager, The Law Society of New South Wales

“Thank you for a great presentation - absorbing, thought-provoking and energetic. You were singled out as one of the conference favourites.”
Meetings and Events Australia

“Thank you for your great keynote – we got great feedback and you really helped the event focus on how 'the individual' in an organisation can make a difference.”
Kraft Foods

“Feedback from everyone I talked to afterwards was fantastic and you were entertaining without taking away from the significance of the awards, so thank you.”
Safe Work Australia

“What a great day and there has been such great feedback about you. Thanks for your flexibility, energy and humour. Look forward to working with you again.”
The Benevolent Society

>> Jane Doyle

“Jane Doyle captivated her audience at the Mallala Football Club. Not only was she a very down to earth, genuine and witty lady, she brought a personal touch and engaged extremely well with her audience. After addressing our guests, she was more than willing to stay and mingle. I would highly recommend Jane for any future bookings.”
Anne Sawtell - District Council of Mallala

"Our client was thrilled with Jane. They loved her style and the effort she put into the job. She connected very well with the delegates - and the speakers who she interviewed."
Merilyn Dayman - All Occasions Events

>> Jane Saville

“Our session on Friday was very successful and Jane exceeded our expectations.
She stayed on until approx. 4pm when the last of us left the venue.
I would highly recommend her and would be happy to provide feedback to anybody considering using her for their function.”
Speaker – IT Telstra Function, 23rd November 2007
30-40 pax – Telstra IT people

“Thanks so much for all your input for last week's dinner. Everyone was very impressed by Jane and her presentation. The principal gave us a big wrap- she was especially impressed with Jane's education / elite sportswoman combo - great role model for our students!!!!”
Speaker – Annual Sports Awards Dinner 15th November 2006
400 pax
students, parents, teachers, coaches etc.

“Everyone thoroughly enjoyed hearing you speak of not only your goals, but also your career disappointments, and most importantly, how you overcome your disappointments. I even had a few staff members come up and say that you have motivated them to even start doing a bit of exercise! How good is that? So, thank you again Jane, we loved having you as part of our team meeting.”
CFO Update Meeting, MBF, 18th October 2006

“Jane is a very engaging person with a very relevant story to communicate.  Her presentation was very valuable and enjoyable. Jane received an “Excellent” rating on her performance.”
Commonwealth Bank, Executive Managers Speakers Forum, June 2006

“Jane was great. Her story was moving and the audience loved her.”
Publicist Drum: Sanofi Aventis Breakfast Function, January 2006

“Jane presented to over 160 guests at our annual fund raising dinner. The feedback from the dinner audience was excellent and her story was both relevant and inspiring. Jane is an elite athlete who is also a wonderful person and role model - we'll all be cheering loudly for her on and off the track!”
Board Member: Streetwork Fundraising Dinner, December 2005

“Just wanted to let you know we had a fantastic day on Sunday - certainly having Jane there for MBF was a drawcard, and what a beautiful person she is - nothing was a trouble to her - she smiled all day.”
MBF Centre Member: MBF Dubbo Zoo Fun Run/Walk, August 2005

“We all enjoyed your very entertaining interview, giving us an insight into your exciting and successful sporting career. This was a personal interview and I thank you for sharing so much with us, making the moment, so interesting and witty.

I had many guests speak to me at the event about what a wonderful choice of speaker you were and have also taken quite a few calls congratulating us on the event. Thank you once again for taking the time out of your busy schedule and for sharing your career highlights and lowlights and especially staying back to talk to my guests and seeing the event through to the finish.”
Sales Co-ordinator: Cocktail Function, February 2004

“We appreciate the work and preparation that you put into your presentation. Your sharing of the personal experience of family and involvement with both your outstanding careers captured so well the theme of our conference. There was a positive feedback from conference participants and comments include ‘The Saville sisters were fantastic’. The ceremony heralded the start of what was a most successful conference.”
Executive Director: Family Services Australia, November 2004

“Very genuine; struck a good empathy with audience. I was very impressed with her performance – sincere, well spoken and intelligent young woman, she is an asset to the Bank. Interesting to see how she dealt with a major disappointment in such a public situation with such sensitivity and diplomacy. Jane is an excellent achiever, and very good spirit. It was good having someone who is also developing a career in financial services.”
Senior Manager + Staff: Commonwealth Bank

“Simply very original and a great role model for young Australians when it comes to determination.”
Executive Manager: Commonwealth Bank

“A very enthusiastic speaker. Her story flows well and therefore you ride the rollercoaster with her in the lead-up to the Olympics. You are left with a greater appreciation of the sheer hard work and commitment that carries with being an Olympian.”
Senior Manager: Commonwealth Bank

“Jane is just fabulous and very down to earth. She doesn’t hesitate going up to people who are drinking Coke, plain water or Gatorade and giving them Water+ and a run down of the benefits.”
Communications Manager: Sanitarium, December 2001

“Jane Saville is a great ambassador for New Balance. She was really outstanding at the Sydney Final Whistle last week – charming, bright, interesting”.
Chief Executive Officer: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Nov 2001

>> Janine Allis

“Thank you so much for this morning – Janine is a true inspiration and I left feeling invigorated, motivated, and willing to say ‘yes!’. I hope that I can do amazing things like Janine. I would recommend (and will) this seminar/breakfast to anyone and everyone.”
Georgia Smith – Elders Limited
From Australian Institute of Management SA – Breakfast Seminar

"… people found Janine's talk interesting and relevant… she did a great job."
Australian Sports Commission

>> Jay Power

“A collection of some of Australia’s most talented musicians were pulled together to create what can only be described as soulful poetry. The masterminds created the vibe allowing Power to reach a level most soul singers can only dream of – pumping out strong, layered grooves and allowing the roof-busting vocals to command everyone’s attention.”
Rip It Up

“Sexy and sleek. If you like soul, wrapped in pop, driven by funk and laced with Hip-Hop, then this show is for you.”
Beat Magazine

"There is muscle in this performance, a sweating twitching pump, you feel it deep within your limbs. Electric fires spark in an urban bagatelle, the sound bleeds into the concrete heat. This isn't for our daylight hours of tedium but for those pockets of defiant pleasure that swarm from the city's open windows and lodge in the recklessness of night."
The Art of Jazz (UK Tour 2016)

“A great selection of groovy pop-meet-soul-meets-jazz-meets-funk. Power wailed her way through the set with classy showmanship.”
Will Not Fade (NZ Tour 2016)

“Jay’s powerful voice took over the room.” 


“Jay Power is just the right blend of sass and soul. She’s definitely got substance.”
The Advertiser

>> Jean Kittson

"Jean was absolutely OUTSTANDING. She was careful to do her research and cover the core topics and weave in the theme of diversity and inclusion in an engaging, insightful and humorous way. We have had so much terrific feedback – she was the perfect MC for our end of year executive luncheon!"
NSW EEO Practitioners' Association

"I wished to express our thanks and sincere appreciation for your excellent role of MC at our recent National Congress. We have received a number of verbal comments regarding your professionalism as well as how your humour and research added to an overall positive experience of Congress."
BBC Entertainment

"Ms Kittson is an absolute marvel! She agreed to take on the APSEA 2006 entertainment slot at extremely short notice. As a result, she was given only a very "brief" brief about this newly-emerging and complex industry. Not only did she entertain the audience (in fact, she had them in teary fits) but she presented an industry-relevant segment from an extremely funny and original perspective. She was clearly the highlight of the event. I am impressed with Jean's thorough professionalism - her ability to take on such a difficult task on such short notice is testament to her talent and commitment to her clients. I would have no hesitation recommending Jean - and, indeed, engaging her again myself! She is an outstanding entertainer and a delightful and charming person to boot. Thanks to Saxton's and to Jean for a job well done!"
Australian Spatial Information Business Association


>> Jeff Green

"Thank you for your outstanding contribution to our recent Leadership Conference in Glenelg, South Australia. Your performance was one of the highlights of the Conference – we all had a real belly laugh. It was a privilege to have you perform for us and our thanks, once again, for your fantastic contribution to our event."

"I’ve had several comments from attendees on the night saying such things as “my wife couldn’t stop laughing”, “He was hilarious”, makes my job easy."

"Jeff performed tremendously as the MC at one of our recent events. He understood the corporate objective and was able to deliver the message with comedic wit. Jeff was such a pleasure to work with that we would jump at the opportunity to book him again and would strongly recommend him to other clients."
The Event Emporium

"Jeff you were brilliant last night! Everyone loved it! Thanks very much."

"I really enjoyed his show, nice to have a comedian who can be really funny without needing to swear and also being funny without being crude."
Mermaid Marine

“One of the greats of pure laugh-out-loud comedy.”
Herald Sun, Melbourne

“Pin-sharp comedy beautifully delivered is the trade-mark.”
The London Evening Standard

“Laugh for laugh Jeff is one of the best comedians in the land.”
The Guardian

“The audience couldn’t help but be won over by his wit and intelligence.”
The Adelaide Advertiser

“An excellent comedian who knows how to make us laugh, Jeff Green is fast becoming a national treasure.”
Daily Mirror UK

>> Jessica Rowe

"Jessica was wonderful at the event and received rave reviews. her approachability, passion, and her honesty make her one of the best performers I have ever seen."
Claire Wooton, Mother Conference

"Jessica was an absolute pleasure. She was professional, fun, and relaxed, which is exactly what we were hoping for. The feedback from the event has been fantastic."
Brittanie MacFarlane, Chiswick

"Jessica was a beautiful asset to the panel. We've had such wonderful feedback about her."
Samantha Conway

>> Jim Wilson

“Jim Wilson is one of Australia's most refreshing and effective presentation trainers. Unlike so many of his competitors, Jim has a relentlessly energetic with a positive approach, tailoring his manner and style for the specific needs and requirements of each client.”
Gayle Austen, Head of Marketing and Communications, Institutional, ANZ

“Jim's training has not only provided many of our staff, players and executives increased confidence when dealing with media issues, but also provided them with the tools to ensure that we continually refer back to our key messages in any media situation.”
Graeme Vimpani, Corporate Communications Manager, Cricket Australia

“In rolling out his course, Jim Wilson assisted the company's ambassadors for the sponsorship, which include a range of high-profile athletes, better understand the techniques of effective communication.”
Jonathan Rose, BHP Billiton

>> Jimeoin

“Inspired... comedy so deceptively bright it almost blinds you... in an age of warped wit he is disconcertingly inoffensive, but traditional stand-up is rarely so appealing... he is not so much stand-up comedian, more stand-up David Attenborough... this is the comedy of the highest order.”
London Evening Post

“Jimeoin recalls the familiar at a fantastically silly level, boiling his audience down to a tear-filled, gibbering mess.”
Scotland on Sunday

“Sublime observational comic... inspired... a master class in delivery.”

“Comedy of the highest order... inspired ramblings, independent comic genius.”
Edinburgh Evening News

>> Josh Thomas

“The comedy festival’s most junior player is also one of it’s best… fiercely funny.”
The Age

“Energetic and original with a quirky sense of timing … Josh left the audience in tatters.”
The Courier Mail

“The future of Australian comedy.”
Time Off Magazine

“The most successful is Josh Thomas… he’s a standout.”
The Pun

>> Julia Zemiro

“Julia Zemiro as host of Opera in the Vineyards 2009 - what can I say.... this lady has it all, she’s brilliant, clever, witty and totally stunning. She was an absolute professional and a great pleasure to work with. I really hope we can work together again very soon!”
Paul Chester – 4D International

“The dinner was a great success due, in no small measure, to Julia's witty and entertaining performance as MC. It was a real pleasure to work with her.”
Michael Pearce SC – President Liberty Victoria

“Just wanted to let you know how wonderful Julia was last night. The IKEA team absolutely loved her and thought that she was the perfect 'host' for the launch. We also had heaps of positive comments from the media and other guests about Julia's unique humour, charm and professionalism. Everyone had a great time, and Julia played a major part in making the IKEA Catalogue launch a great success, so please thank her again.”
Entwistle Public Relations

>> Justin Hamilton

“An unforgettable performance… his jokes are intelligent, witty and very entertaining. You should not miss this. Absolute stand-out.”
Adelaide Advertiser

"Hamilton's style is easygoing, conversational and he is genuinely funny."
Adelaide Advertiser

"Frankly, it's a mystery that this local fella isn't stalking bigger stages and commanding a more monumental wage. He's filthy but sensitive - the kind of delicate lout with whom one would love to knock about. See this reconstructed yob before his tickets cost a whole lot more."
The Age

"A fluent and unique delivery coupled with delicate material makes this a special hour."
The Age

>> Karen Lee Andrews

“One of the most original and dignified talents to emerge in Australian Entertainment in a long time. She manages to be both imperial yet vulnerable.”
Paul Sheehan, Sydney Morning Herald

"Andrews is on an inspiring and passionate musical journey. A must see."
Beat Magazine

“Commanding and brilliant.”

Daily Telegraph

Soulful and bluesy, with so much heart and pain, delivered with so much class.”

Sound of Oz


“Karen Lee Andrews doesn’t need a band behind her to fill a room with music. Her voice is big enough on its own.”

The Australian

“Karen Lee Andrews has a vocal tone that is undeniably powerful.”



>> Kate Ceberano

“Kate is the best…do yourself a favour!”
Molly Meldrum

“Truly one of the great voices this country has produced. Kate sings with such passion, heart and joy it is impossible not to be completely carried to wherever she wants you to go!!!! Not only an amazing singer but an extraordinary performer - Kate’s singing simply melts your heart.”
Hugh Jackman

“Kate has an expressive, supple voice, equally at home singing pop or jazz.”
Paul Kelly

“Pure, soulful and powerful.”
Rolling Stone Magazine

“Australian music royalty.”
Richard Wilkins

“There is no doubt that Kate is Australian musical royalty, not just as a performer, as   a writer and with that wonderful voice. Kate embodies all that is great about creativity and music in Melbourne. A wonderful, wonderful 30 years of giving, not just to Melbourne and Australia but to the whole world.”
Robert Doyle – Lord Mayor, Melbourne

“Kate could really sing anything really, she’s a wonderful singer who has built up a legion of fans.”
Michael Gudinski

“She’s got great integrity and honesty, and a lack of pretence which permeates through her performance!”
Katie Noonan

“Ceberano is simply mesmerizing.”
Juliette Lewis – Oscar nominated actress & singer

“She is one of the most natural musicians I know. Her expressive range is vast and seemingly effortless, and she is a delightful human being. A remarkable contributor and a remarkable career.”
Paul Grabowsky

“Kate Ceberano is a fine musician, a great songwriter, a wonderful entertainer and a fantastic Australian.”
John Foreman

“Kate is a rare artist in that she has her head in the clouds yet her feet planted firmly on the ground.”
David Bromley

“Kate has such a magical aura, it’s empowering to be in the same space as her. She’s the most alluring and emotionally potent performer I’ve ever seen.”
Collette Dinnigan

Rip It Up

>> Katrina Webb

"Your speaking was so motivational, inspiring and your presentation was so relaxing. Once again such a great motivating way to commence ones day."
Flinders Medical Centre
"Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your wonderful presentation this morning. Not only was it inspirational and uplifting, but I learnt some things that I plan to put into practice in my everyday life! Your passion and drive is amazing."
ACHA Health
"The feedback we received after your presentation was outstanding!"   
NSW Health Pathology

"Many thanks for presenting at our conference last week, your stories really resonated with me personally and with our employees more broadly, it was definitely a highlight."
L&D Consultant Discovery Parks

“Thank you for your time, your advice and your experience. I have gained so much simply from listening to your story and am excited about the way forward. I am looking toward a more focused, streamlined life where I can achieve all of my dreams, no matter what they are! Thank you for all that you have given me and please know that I consider myself extremely fortunate that your invitation to speak at this conference did not fit into the 'no' category!”
Attendee, Authorised Persons’ Association Conference

“The absolute best presenter I went to. I didn’t lose interest at all. She captivated the audience. Valuable tips that I can actually complement in my personal and professional life. Wonderful. I loved it. Katrina is an amazing person. Inspirational, excellent speaker and presenter.”
CPA Australia


>> Kerri-Anne Kennerley

"Our 220 guests were thrilled with her presentation, her warmth and openness towards the questions asked, and she held nothing back. The feedback from the event has been fantastic. It was a delight Kerri-Anne, thank you."
Maroondah City Council

"Kerri-Anne walks into a room and lights the place up. She is an outstanding speaker. We used her for a women's event but she would be equally captivating in an audience of mixed gender."
Jewish Community Appeal

>> Kitty Flanagan

"Layer upon layer of magic, making this show a joyful, sidesplitting wonder” ***** (yep that is five stars!!) 
Herald Sun Melbourne

“Kitty Flanagan will have you in stitches from the moment she walks on the stage.”
Adelaide Advertiser

"Kitty Flanagan is hilarious and charming with her honest and casual style of storytelling.”

"If you've seen Flanagan on The Project and Good News Week you'll have an idea of what to expect but she's even better and faster live."
The Independent Weekly

“In short, she nailed it”.
Squirrel Comedy

“Without doubt Australia's hottest female comedian right now.”
The West Australian

"Some of the funniest traditional, free-form standup."
The Observer

"Cruel, vicious, charming, innocent."
Edinburgh Evening News

"Effortlessly hilarious, sharp, topical and very funny."
The Melbourne Age

"Flanagan has a keen sense of the ridiculous and her perky, offbeat anecdotes are seasoned with smart aides and acute observations that prove remarkably captivating."

"Flanagan's command of a crowd and material is impressive."
Sydney Morning Herald

"A lively and animated performance, Kitty brings her standup to life with the kind of strong characterisations that have become her stock in trade."
Melbourne Comedy Festival

"Hilariously good company, her material is delivered in an inviting, effortless style that disarms as it skewers."
Stage Left – MCF

>> Layne Beachley AO

"Layne was fantastic. She spoke well and her story was shared with great passion and humour which was well received by our clients. The feedback has been fantastic with many saying she is the best speaker we have had to date. The auction of her surfboard and her book signing afterwards was a huge success. Layne was great to work with and interacted extremely well with our client. She was perfect for our Client Breakfast!"
CitiPower and Powercor Australia

"The most motivational, positive, uplifting speaker I have heard. Very professional and willing to answer lots of questions at the end. Layne was amazing."
Australian Hotels Assocation - SA

"Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Layne. Nothing but positive feedback. Such an infectious, beautiful person who hung out with us for the whole event. We were so grateful."


>> Lehmo

“Lehmo is a fantastic personality to work with and ensured that the our dinner was a huge success, I would recommend him to any organisation looking to put some fun and enthusiasm into an evening.”
Greg Stirling, Senior Brand Manager, Jacob’s Creek Wines

“Lehmo is to be congratulated for his preparation and delivery as it resulted in a super gig and we had lots of positive feedback from a potentially tough audience. At a charity golf day there was nothing below par in Lehmo’s performance! We greatly appreciate his support for our Foundation and do not take this for granted. He will do us any day.”
Mark McGill, General Manager, McGuinness McDermott Foundation

“I have been meaning to email you all day to thank both you and Lehmo. I’m pretty sure it was the most successful event in the 2 years the Committee has been organising these functions in terms of numbers attending, and we received lots of positive feedback afterwards. I think all of us could relate to some of the things Lehmo dreaded about being a ‘professional’, which made the talk relevant as well as very funny.”
Stephanie Burke, Young Professionals of South Australia

“A seasoned performer on the comedy circuit, Lehmo does not disappoint. His show is a safe bet for quality entertainment he gives a relaxed performance and interacts with the audience. After starting with some improvised material, Lehmo goes into his ‘confessions’, where he recounts a series of stories from his time growing up in the country and entering the comedy profession. He gives a polished performance which leaves the audience all smiles.”
Dale Clarke, The Messenger

“Lehmo’s Fringe show, ‘Confessions of a Harmless Mind’, was funnier than a woman with a bottle on her head (if you don’t get the joke, you better go see his show). Lehmo exceeds expectations with a natural stage presence and plenty of gags from his own experience. Performed upstairs at the Rhino Room, the intimate setting created a bond between performer and audience, which Lehmo used well to his advantage. Refreshing and funny, one of the funniest moments of this show was a clip of Lehmo’s short stint on ‘Red Faces’ a year or two ago. Lehmo’s strength is storytelling, rather than jokes with punch lines, and by avoiding bad language and sexual innuendo he reaches a broad spectrum of people.”
Bonnie Hallion, Independent Weekly (Indaily)

“Lehmo is one of Adelaide’s favourite funny men, and it’s not hard to see why. He’s Aussie, he’s confident, and he’s willing to take the piss out of himself. ‘Confessions’ is a litany of embarrassing anecdotes of the ‘of course, I was drunk at the time’ variety. Anyone who likes beer and footy and blokey banter will love it - and there is something in it for the rest of us as well. Lehmo’s trip down the shame file in memory lane includes an appearance on ‘Hey Hey It’s Saturday’s Red Faces’ – it’s a corker of a confession. Upstairs at the Rhino Room is a cosy little spot for humiliating revelations.”
Tory Shepherd, The Advertiser

“It’s true what Lehmo said: many of life’s tragedies, mishaps or faux pas can be turned into great dinner party conversation. But for a comedian, that same mishap can become ten minutes of hilarious comedy, and Lehmo isn’t holding back at all as he confesses some of the more stupid moments of his life. Sharing some footage of a ‘Hey, Hey, It’s Saturday Red Faces’ appearance was funny, but his reasons behind doing it in the first place were even more amusing. Lehmo shared some of the mastermind ideas that teenage boys can come up with for a slice of drunken fun, and even confessed a 14-year-old ripper secret that had everyone in stitches. But, if you want to see the biggest confession of them all, head to his show on Wed Mar 21 when the mate he’s been keeping the secret from will actually be in the audience. What a hoot!”
Rip It Up

“A rare talent who hits the target every time - Lehmo hands out the laughs in an inspired and memorable fashion.”
The List, Glasgow

“With serious questions being asked of the motivations behind the war in Iraq, Lehmo’s show is not only timely, but also insightful, political and hysterical.”
Liz Walsh, The Advertiser

>> Li Cunxin

“Personally I found Li excellent to work with and a thoroughly lovely man with a great story.”

“A fresh and captivating presentation proof of the power of determination and taking the most of opportunities given to you in life. The delegates were totally transfixed by Li's powerful and uplifting story. Few speakers have his ability to engage an audience with a rich life story so beautifully told. One of the highlights in a highlight filled conference; professional and entertaining. Might still be light on his feet but his story is full of emotion and passion.”

“Li presented his amazing life story with poise, passion and dignity, infused with humour. Even though Li must have told his story many times before, his pain, battle and torment were still evident and his dramatic and passionately told story had a great impact on many of those present. Feedback sheets from the conference were overwhelmingly positive insofar as Li's presentation was concerned. Li very generously signed copies of his book and spent time acknowledging all those who spoke with him. He was a delight.”
Anglican Diocese of Melbourne

>> Liam Power

“Everyone here at Zenith Optimedia was singing your praised for days afterwards. As far as I'm concerned you absolutely made the party.”
Kirsty Benjamin - Zenith Optimedia

“We always find a reason to have Liam perform at one of our gigs as he is always without doubt the biggest highlight of the event. Not only that, he is also devilishly charming.”
Nicolas Alexander - Thompson St Events

>> Lindi Jane - Ventriloquist and Puppeteer

“Ventriloquist to the stars, you have to see her perform, the lovely Lindi Jane.”
Peter Goers

“This exceptional ventriloquist holds the attention of her young audience with ease. They relate to her colourful characters and the fun of audience participation. Snaps the crocodile, the character around which the club is built, is a cheeky, bright and breezy persona. Along with his friends the wombat, with a lost voice, and the dog, who is cool, he keeps the show rolling. Lindi Jane knows how to appeal to her young fans and has them volunteering to act as trees and perform magic tricks for her. They happily clap and sing along. This show is fun for all ages and is well worth a visit.”
Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5)
Fran Edwards, Adelaide Theatre Guide

“Thanks for Lindi Jane today; it was a fantastic event and we had quite a large crowd! I’ve attached some photos of today’s event for you. The kids (and adults) loved it!”
Elise Thomas, Marketing Executive Westfield West Lakes

“I wanted to thank you for a great show. Everyone was chatting about how impressed they were with your talents. Thanks for being so professional and being on time, all good stuff. I have no hesitation in spreading the word about SKC. Well done. It's great to see someone loving what they do.”
Helen (Birthday Party Mom)

“Thank you for your professionalism and brilliant performance. We enjoyed your company and comedy! The lovely funny Lindi Jane. Try and keep that crocodile under control will you?”
Square Dancing Convention

“You were amazing, not just the Ventriloquism but the acting roles of Madonna, the professor lady & secret agent made for some big laughs. Good to see such a talented lady have so much fun.”
Detmold Packaging

“Thank you for entertaining Christopher on his 7th birthday. He loved Snap’s ‘Pirate’ jokes and Lindi Jane’s singing. You are great!”
Jeremy Cordeaux – Adelaide Indentity

“Thank you to LJ & Snap for playing at the Puppet Palace, see you next year! Loved you at the Gala kids shows too!"
Scott - Adelaide Fringe, Garden of Unearthly Delights

“Bring Back Snap! We love that cheeky crocodile from Kakadu! Snap has left the building!”
Bob - Whyalla Show

>> Lisa Wilkinson

“Lisa Wilkinson was the perfect touch to our exclusive launch.”
Jack Morton Worldwide

“An outstanding, elegant and gracious hosting of the Ethnic Business Awards; Everyone agreed Lisa was just tremendous and I so look forward to working with her again.”
Entertainment Alliance

“Lisa Wilkinson assisted Shell in its fuel economy campaign aimed at bringing fuel economy/driving tips to Australian drivers. To celebrate the release of the fuel formulation to the Australian market, Shell asked Lisa to participate in a celebrity-consumer challenge drive around Sydney’s Blue Mountains. Lisa was an enthusiastic participant, someone who embraced the joyful spirit of the campaign and welcomed the challenge competitively but with a constant smile. Shell very much appreciated Lisa’s professional and positive approach to its fuel efficient campaign, and would strongly recommend Lisa for all future promotions and campaigns. Lisa was a very positive ambassador for Shell a credit to the campaign.”

“Lisa really did add value for our delegates. Despite not having experience in the Financial Services sector, Lisa made an excellent Chairman for our sessions - clearly as a result of much research and preparation for the event. As an MC of our key social function - the Charity Gala Dinner - she was great fun and really managed to motivate our guys into being extremely generous. The feedback from delegates has all been positive.”
Financial Planning Conference

>> Manu Delago

“Amazing percussionist and hang player.”

he Times

“A masterful and sensitive musician.”
The Telegraph

“Ridiculously deft electro-acoustic percussionist” - Toronto Star

“Very very melodic, great beats, great soundscapes, really interesting songwriting...a beautiful record... comes highly recommended from me.”
Jamie Cullum, BBC R2

“The world’s leading hang player.”
Financial Times

“Playing on a not so well known Swiss instrument called the Hang, was Manu Delago. To use words like spellbinding and mesmerising don’t do justice to the sounds he created.”

“What a non-stop affair of creativity, surprise, beauty, harmony, wit, art, invention, energy, entertainment.”
Amanda Yensa Manor, Author & Journalist



>> Michael Keelan

"The Living Life to the Fullest Expo was fantastic. Dorinda and Michael were a real draw card and I've had nothing but positive feedback about the Q&A session. Very funny too!"
Jodie Blake - City of Playford

“Our clients were well entertained with Michael’s presentation at your premium client event, it was both informative and humorous and was enjoyed by everyone.  Thank you for making this event so special Michael.”
Sharon Marsh - AMP

>> Michael Milton

‘Inspirational – best speaker I have heard in a long time.’

‘Very inspiring session. A lot of good learning that can be used in day to day business.’
CPA Australia Victorian Conference

‘Michael was a very entertainingpresenter, I found myself laughing several times. He is a true inspiration and made a significant effort to relate his presentation to Toyota employees. His casual approach made him personable and credible.’
Toyota Australia Comm’s Session

‘I thought Michael…would open the eyesof the players to the possibility that if they really want to achieve something it is hard work and mental toughness that will help get you there. I wanted someone with a story that highlighted that no obstacle should get in the way of achieving your goals. Michael's presentation definitely achieved these outcomes.’
Under 19 National Cricket Carnival Dinner, SA Cricket Assoc

‘As the project managers for a three-day Deutsche Bank conference, we needed a great keynote dinner speaker who could also lead physical sessions the next day to reinforce the workshop messages. Michael was perfect. He was entertaining, personable, motivational but, more notably, he took the time to understand his role in the overall project. He’d had a cycling accident the week before but even that didn’t stop him. As if skiing on one leg isn’t tough enough – Michael also had one arm in a sling. Great to deal with, wonderful to listen to and very talented.’
Jeff Bond - Lane 4

>> Michael Pascoe

“The head of the SA Zone was a little apprehensive with having Michael because of what has been said about AMP in the news. So he was pleasantly surprised to find Michael was very professional, and very well received. He reinforced the message to keep things in perspective in today’s current market. Taking into consideration the type of audience and topic he amazed them with his good sense of humour and story telling. What came across positively was the fact Michael took the time to stay around and mingle.”
AMP Services Ltd

“Michael added another perspective to our panel discussion on the resources super profits tax which was lacking amongst our panel members.”
Association of Mining & Exploration Companies

“The quality of our speaker was exceptional. Immediate feedback from our guests was extremely positive.”
Australian National Credit Union

“We had some great feedback from guests. Michael had a 'presence' in the room, and bought some clever humor to the event which was enjoyed by all guests.”
Australian Unity

>> Michael Slater

“This was the seventh North Shore Heart Research function and Michael from the outset was the total professional. From the minute he walked in he was very giving of his time and extremely receptive to the many requests made of him throughout the afternoon. As a keynote speaker he worked very well with the master of ceremonies (Ray Seager) and had the audience captivated for the duration of his presentation. Granted that the audience was mainly corporate and had a vested interest in what Michael had to say but he was able to adapt his anecdotes to the guests very well. An extremely humble, considerate professional; myself and all the team would like to thank Michael for adding a special touch of magic to the day.”
North Shore Heart Research

>> Mike Walsh

Fascinating! You should also write books on presenting technology topics to non-technology people. It’s a skill very few technologists have."
Walt Disney Studios

“Mike was a pleasure to work with. His presentation was perfectly pitched reflecting his research prior to the event to tailor his presentation to our audience and he also took the time to meet with some of them prior to the presentation. We would highly recommend Mike to anyone interested and would love to work with him again."
Roche Products Pty Limited

“I would highly recommend Mike Walsh to any company who wants to get a clearer understanding of not what might be, but what is very likely to be.”
Fujifilm Australia

“Mike is highly inquisitive and original, not only in his thinking but also in his presentation, taking complex issues and turning them into simple and digestible themes. Mike is very valuable at helping challenge whatever your conventional wisdom is, and in setting out a clear set of views on how things might shape in months and years to come. I recommend him highly."

>> Mr. Spin

"On a hot December day, in a tight space filled with people in jovial Christmas mood and wanting to be impressed ..... Mr Spin came through with flying colours!! Entertaining - certainly, skilled and clever - absolutely and probably without peer - daring - the Uni-Cycle act held 100 festive drinkers speechless! And to finish people queued to speak to him. Talented and a nice guy to boot!"
Sam Ireland - Office Services Manager, Brock Real Estate

>> Naomi Simson

“Naomi was brilliant! She was very accommodating for our event needs and then provided an insightful keynote. We have received so much positive feedback.”
Enterprises & Training Company Limited

“Her style was engaging and her message struck a chord, was timely and pitched at just the right level!”
Air New Zealand

“I have heard Naomi speak on many occasions and she is charming, articulate and riveting.”
Amanda Gome, Founder & Publisher, SmartCompany

“There was so much about Naomi's session that really resonated. Naomi's authenticity and her lessons around the importance of engaging and empowering our people, listening to our customers, knowing yourself and the role of leadership were all talked about for the remaining days of our conference. It was such a great talk around the importance of vision and values and the feedback I got afterwards from the team was overwhelmingly positive. We loved all of it and are very fortunate to have had Naomi at our session.”

“In a sea of potential presenters, Naomi Simson is one of the best there is. During her keynote she created considerable interest with RedBalloon and other examples, but also demonstrated a deep knowledge of business, people and organisational issues that people at management level related to and were able to learn from. There was an overwhelming sense of warmth and satisfaction after the events, much of it based on Naomi being a living example of what she preaches and putting it within reach of others.”

“Animated, dynamic, amusing ... Naomi personifies RedBalloon's culture. At a Hudson Human Resources celebration, Naomi's candid insights, self-deprecating humour and unapologetic passion for her business kept the audience engaged, entertained and challenged to think differently. I highly recommend Naomi as an inspirational speaker.”

“Naomi was a dynamic, energetic and passionate speaker. She presented powerful and clear messages that not only resonated because they were personal accounts, but also provided a refreshing and honest viewpoint. It was also incredibly exciting to see a female all-rounder who has persevered and achieved such amazing success. Naomi was easy to work with, not demanding at all, and is definitely someone we would love to have join us again.”

>> Natalie Cook

“Natalie personifies the Australian lifestyle, and her never-say-die attitude perfectly represents our brand. She’s a gifted communicator.”
Michael P Smith – Vodafone Pty Ltd

“Natalie has a reputable, lively approach, a great Aussie sense of humour. And a great story of dream, struggle and victory.”
Mike Taylor – P.B. McKenna & Associates

“Natalie epitomizes the core values of an Olympic Gold Medallist, through her fierce determination, will to win and gracious competition demeanour. She is a credit to the Australian Olympic Team.”
Craig Phillips, Secretary-General of the Australian Olympic Committee

>> Nicky Buckley

"Nicky did a phenomenal job at our conference this year; there was a lot that we wanted to deliver as part of the program, and Nicky played an important role. She also facilitated the tribute to Sue wonderfully."
Intimo Lingerie

"Everything went really well on Sunday and Nicky was fantastic as our MC. The feedback from guests was also very positive about Nicky's role. I hope there's another occasion that I can work with Nicky on in the future."
Cricket Australia

"I just want to pass on my thanks for having the opportunity of working with Nicky today at the MYER Jamie Oliver event. Nicky was an absolute pleasure to work with: so professional yet relaxed and outgoing!"

>> Nuala Hafner

"Nuala Hafner was a pleasure to work with. She is a wonderful role model for young women, and has a great story of hard work and determination. We were glad to have her involved in our event."
Ruth Strother - National Conference Co-ordinator, Young Leaders Foundation

>> Peter Alexander

“Peter was a brilliant speaker and the audience bonded with him. He was funny and entertaining but also spoke of the potential disasters that were averted and became learning curves. I had spoken with Peter prior to his speaking engagement, requesting that he tell his story "warts and all" which he did on a level that resonated with the audience. Question and answer time was the longest in our Business Week history, perhaps it was the pair of Peter Alexander pyjamas that Peter bought along for the most unusual question he has been asked! Following his talk, Peter was mobbed like a movie star, I'm sure he thought he would never get out of the Karralyka Centre.”
Maroondah City Council

>> Peter Baines

“We thought Peter was success for our event. His story was well received and inspirational and many people came up to the table afterwards thanking Peter and asking more about how to become involved. Notably also, Peter stayed after the speaking engagement concluded to give people a chance at doing that. I received some great feedback from clients in regard to his presentation.”
John Dorward – Prescott Securities 2015

“Peter, I am so pleased that you came and presented to our delegates, you managed to touch each individual in some way. Your stories have so much meaning and the lessons they demonstrate are there for all to see. I have heard you on a couple of different occasions and each time I come away with something new, so thank you not only for the presentation but for the work you do. So thank you once more for your participation, it is greatly valued and appreciated. We hope to work with you again in the future.”
Service Skills Aust, March 2014

“I was overwhelmed by 'Wow's' when listening to Peter Baines present.”
Mingara Leisure Group, March 2014

“Again, a very big thanks Peter Baines for your contribution towards the success of yesterday’s conference. Your presentation was so well received and a great way to open the event! I stayed around for the 2 hour networking drinks after the conference and for the entire time the talk was around how inspirational you were and what a great way it was to open a conference. Everyone loved the “Shared Experience” message and rest assured you have motivated many to find a way to implement such an initiative into their businesses. Well done mate, and rest assured it’s not only the lives of the kids in Thailand that you change, you have a massive impact on all those that hear you speak!”
Game Farm, May 2013

“Thanks so much again for your remarkable presentation today. I am afraid I was still too focused on what you had said to thank you properly at the end so apologies for that. Yours is an extraordinary story of a remarkable person and a fine example of what can happen if you approach life with your "if not now, then when" concept.”
Associated British Food Group, March 2013

>> Peter Berner

“Peter Berner is funny, reliable and reliably funny. He gets a brief, understands different audiences and is a safe pair of hands. We’ve booked Peter for NSW Seniors Week events knowing he’d adopt the perfect humour and appropriate tone for our audience, whilst also respecting their intelligence.”
Anthony Hills, Senior Events Coordinator, Department of Family and Community Services, NSW Government.

“We appreciated your professional, light approach that kept the atmosphere relaxed and encouraged people to speak openly and have a laugh. Again, thank you for facilitating our event.”
Ken Kanofski – WSN Environmental Solutions

“For the record, that’s the first time I’ve heard an AWARD audience listen to the MC in 28 years. Let alone laugh! You were terrific. Thanks again.”
Philip Putnam – Co-Chairman AWARD

“WOW! He was absolutely fantastic. Kept the audience entertained, was very witty, and at the same time kept to schedule well without getting off on tangents. Perhaps the best MC we’ve had for this event.”
Fiona Noon – Mobile Marketing Awards

“In the role of MC Peter Berner was FANTASTIC as per last year.”
Recruitment and Consulting Services Association

“Our Client was just delighted with Peter, so please thank him!”
Queensland Government SMART Awards

>> Phil Kearns

“Phil was fantastic; could not be happier. To the crowd he seemed genuine, interested and very compelling and slotted in a great – extremely professional.”
St George

>> Poh Ling Yeow

"Poh brings a natural curiosity, a warm, an honesty and a terrific sense of humour to the screen. She will share her unique, innovative and very exiting approach to food and I’m sure will continue to surprise us"
Jennifer Collins, ABC

"Poh was an absolute delight to work with and very well received by the public.  Early figures have shown a 20% increase in our festival number which predominately can be attributed to the extra publicity having someone like Poh brings to the festival.  Poh really appreciated and got what a little country festival is all about and really helped up celebrate the passion of our local farms and the amazing produce that they produce.  Coupling this with the art side of our festival and Poh fitted the purpose like a glove."
Vivienne McCollum - Hampton Food & Arts Festival

>> Rachel Robertson

Rachael was engaging and responded well to the group. Her experiences are extraordinary and she did a great job of relating what she learnt. She was also able to illustrate the similarities between her roles and those of my team. In one word, ‘Terrific!’”

“We were delighted with the feedback on Rachael from our advisers. Evaluation forms contained phrases such as: "Excellent", "Truly inspiring", "Interesting" and "Fantastic presenter - very informative and interesting". Working with Rachael over five events around Australia was a delight. She has a very professional and flexible approach.”

“I have seen a number of speakers over the years, however Rachael was amongst the absolute best of them. I took so much away from her amazing story, and have relayed some of her messages to other people. Love the bacon war!”

“Rachael is a passionate and enthusiastic speaker. She has that magic mix of tangible down-to-earth stories that give way to strong and inspiring messages on leadership, relationships and life. She fully engages with the participants from the moment she arrives right through to the moment she leaves.”

“Rachael was fantastic. She gave engaging presentation that left the audience wanting more.”
Leadership Great South Coast

>> Raymond Crowe

“Physical and vocal illusions that balance magic with homespun wisdom, whimsy and humanity.”
Sydney Morning Herald

“Raymond Crowe is a real talent. I’m not used to that - I work in television.”
Shaun Micallef

“The Royal Variety prides it’s self on finding the very best and up to date specialty acts - such as Raymond Crowe.”
The Royal Variety Performance UK

“What a refreshing entertainer. After a long day of Power Point presentations and various business speakers, Ray gave everyone the opportunity to laugh out loud. His work with the audience was fantastic - fun, clean and so entertaining. The shadow puppetry at the end was absolutely mind-blowing. Put simply, Ray was awesome.”

"Raymond Crowe is a very professional and polished entertainer. He had the audience totally engaged throughout the performance and tears of laughter were seen from many. His unique segments display talents rarely observed. A real treat!"
ANZ Investment Bank

"Simply brilliant! Raymond Crowe turned a pleasant awards dinner into a sidesplitting show of jaw-dropping brilliance. They don't come any better than this."
Australia Post

"Spectacular! The audience were on their feet applauding. It was magnificent."
Baldwing Consultint Group

"Raymond Crowe was highly entertaining. He captured the whole audience - more than just a magician - a complete entertainer."

"Excellent. I was blown away, and so was the rest of the audience. Some people were laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes, and some had tears in their eyes from his shadow act. I would recommend him to anyone."

"Highly entertaining, our guests were enthralled by his amazing talent."
Hawthorn Football Club

"Raymond Crowe's combination of magic, ventriloquism and crowd participation worked a treat. Dealers and their staff are a tough audience and Ray had them in fits of laughter. His show is unique and I would have no hesitation in recommending him for any event where people wanted to be entertained."

"Raymond Crowe is the best live show that I have ever seen. The voices, the magic and the shadow show at the end topped off the night. We had 200 people in attendance and not one person walked away disappointed."
Illawarra Institute of Technology

"Fantastic, hilarious. I booked Raymond Crowe because of rave reviews from people who had seen him perform. Great decision - he was fantastic."
Jobs Australia Ltd

"Raymond Crowe had the whole crowd in the palm of his hands."
Landmark Wholesale

"I find it impossible to adequately express in words the impact on the audience of Raymond Crowe's performance - bewildering, captivating, exciting, funny - all of that and more, simply wonderful!"
Mitre 10

"Absolutely fantastic, even better than his last performance when I saw him a couple of years. So entertaining, awesome, funny and professional."
Ramsay Health Care

>> Rosanna Mangiarelli

"Rosanna was utterly professional and very easy to work with. She was happy to speak with guests and be part of the dinner as a guest in between her work as MC. Her welcoming nature on the stage kept the audience attentive."
Sam Cocks - Urbantech Finance CEO
(Book Smarts vs Street Smarts Debate)

>> Sam Cawthorn

“You are the most extraordinary person that I've ever met. Your courage and will to overcome adversity is commendable. I truly feel privileged to have witnessed such an amazing talent. You are changing the world one person at a time. You've changed us.”

“Inspiring and entertaining the room was transfixed by Sam's message of optimism in both business and in life.”
CEO – Citibank

“Sam is a very engaging speaker and his message of “bouncing forward” resonated with our team.  He’s a living example of how important it is to stay positive, to be resilient and to keep pushing forward no matter what challenges come.”
BP President

“I have been coming along to these type of conferences for over 15 years, this session is by far the BEST session that I have ever attended.”
Commonwealth Bank

“We engaged Sam Cawthorn to address our National Sales Team... Not only was Sam's story inspirational he directly related it to the challenges our team face daily. I highly recommend Sam to any organisation seeking to motivate their staff.”

“Among some of the most high profile speakers in the world, Sam was the highest ranked speaker in the history of our annual conference.”

“Sam has that rare ability to really inspire change through his own personal journey and the powerful way he tells his story. Today, 1 week after meeting Sam, I had 6 people tell me how they were Bouncing Forwards!”

>> Sam Simmons

"Sam Simmons’ show is a comedy masterpiece.”
The Scotsman

"Welcome to the most absurdly crazy world orbiting the Fringe, featuring some of the most original comic concepts and laugh out loud moments of any Edinburgh show in the past 20 years.”
The Herald, UK

“Simmons is a wide-eyed, frantically energetic stage presence. 'Problems' made me want to leap to my feet and scream "Genius!" in an outrageous French accent.”
Three Weeks, UK

“When held against the rules of comedy super stardom, Simmons is a lawless gent indeed. Through laughter he will seduce you into his dinky, intimate underside… If you’re looking for the best of the truly transgressive fest, Erotic Cat should be on your hit list.”
The Age

“It’s a cult in the making.”
Scotland On Sunday

“Here is one of those rare surreal comedians who doesn’t tell jokes and rely on observational humour. He’s just out there, in Sam Simmons land, a place so weird and wonderful he’s just bursting (in a nerdy bespectacled kind of way) to share it with the rest of us… check your sanity at the door and just laugh yourself silly.”
The Adelaide Advertiser

>> Sammy J & Randy

"Barry Award-winning Sammy J and Randy are probably incapable of a bad show." ★★★★½
The Age
"Again, Sammy J and Randy show why they own the musical comedy genre in this country. A guaranteed crowd-puller and crowd-pleaser that simply doesn’t put a foot wrong." ★★★★½
The Herald Sun

"It’s a show for the silly child in every adult." ★★★★
 In Daily

"This pair are accomplished and multi-talented, their comic material is cunningly written and skilfully performed and they are totally in sync in both their rehearsed and ad-libbed routines." ★★★★
Herald Sun
"The best skinny-man-purple-puppet double act in the world right now."
Fringe Review (Edinburgh)

"The funniest, smartest, rudest show on the Fringe."
The Herald, Edinburgh

"It's not often that you see a completely fresh comedy show but they have nailed it this time."
Daily Record, UK

“Whip-smart musical sitcom with puppetry. Hilarious!”
Sydney Morning Herald

“Another brilliantly executed musical extravaganza that's raucous, witty fun from start to finish. This delightful, hilarious romp is surely one of the must see shows of the festival.”

“Sometimes epic, sometimes funky, sometimes just incredibly ridiculous and uproariously funny.”
The Pun

“The duo delivers the goods again. Clever, witty wordplay, plenty of visual gags and, of course, excellent songs mark this as another triumph!”
The Age, Melbourne

“A stunning musical joy; fast, skilful and professional, you won't be disappointed.”
Herald Sun, Melbourne

“Sheer genius.”
Blaze Magazine, Adelaide

>> Sebastien-H

 “Stunning fragility and intensity, with the guitar technique to rival Ben Howard. A rising star!” 
MusicMiles (UK) 

“Fresh young talent! Incredible guitarist.” 
M6 TV (France) 

“Sebastien is a very musical and dedicate musician. He feel really close to him. He could be my brother.”
Matthieu Chedid, -M-

"Sebastien-H makes you travel through a really vast musical universe. A swiss artist not-to-be-missed.”
Philippe Morax, LFM

“5 stars album!”
Eric Grosjean, la 1ère

“Sebastien mesmerised us with electrifiying experimental sounds.”
Rip it up Magazine

>> Steven Van Aperen

“Steve's presentation was very well received by our delegates.”
Bursers Association of New South Wales

“My colleagues and our internal stakeholders found Steve's presentation refreshingly new, interesting and thought-provoking. I don't think this style of presentation is out much in the market so the new-ness of it was great to see. When asked to rate the usefulness of Steve's presentation for their work, 90% of respondents rated it four or five out of five. Congratulations.”
Commonwealth Bank

“Steve was very entertaining he held the audience interest through out the presentation.”
Gippsland Community Network

>> Taryn Brumfitt

"Her brand of inspiring and actionable advice is transforming lives across the world and is exactly the movement for the moment. If there were any justice in the world, Taryn would be on all the front covers in the newsstands spreading happiness and hope."
Nigel Marsh -  Founder The Sydney Skinny, Co Founder - EARTH HOUR

"Since joining ‘Mamamia’ as a regular blog contributor, it is evident that Taryn has a relentless passion for promoting positive body image to women all over the world. The feedback we receive from Taryn’s regular contributions to Mamamia is overwhelmingly positive. Her passion, drive and determination to change the way women see their bodies has been inspirational."
Mia Freedman  - Journalist/Editor of Mamamia

"Being in Taryn Brumfitt's audience is like riding a rollercoaster, as she navigates the heartbreaking lows of her relationship with her body and the sorts of highs that make you want to get up and punch your fist in the air and scream 'YES!' Taryn's a powerhouse of presence. Dynamic and deeply passionate, she gets down and dirty in the trenches and tells the truth. She speaks the words so many of us women haven't had the courage to say out loud."
Tricia Karp -  Powerful Speaking for Powerful Women

"The GE Women’s Network highly values Taryn’s contribution to raising awareness of positive body image through The Body Image Movement, and believe she significantly impacts audiences that are fortunate enough to hear her message. The feedback we have had her speaking engagement has been overwhelmingly positive, with many participants sharing their profound insights, shifts in mindset and empowerment to feel and act differently for the betterment of themselves, their daughters, their friends and family. Not surprisingly, Taryn has rated as our most valued external speaker this year and we look forward to hosting future body image sessions within our organisation."

>> The Crooked Fiddle Band

"The Crooked Fiddle Band are completely surprising: the music is original and quixotic, and yet has the strength of some deep and strong roots. I can’t say I’ve ever heard anything else like it!"
Brian Eno

"The Crooked Fiddle Band show themselves to be what all the great bands are: a force of nature."
John Hardaker, The Orange Press

“A sense of hopeful balladry, undertaking an epic from a scorched steampunk fantasy paradigm…undeniably breathtaking. 4 stars."
Brendan Telford, themusic.com.au

"It’s a blend of folk, gypsy and world music, all passed through the looking glass of the modern day and expanded to a grand cinematic scale."
Daniel Pryor, The Brag

“When The Crooked Fiddle Band took to the stage, it was as though someone had put 10,000 volts through the dance floor."
Kat Chish, Beat Magazine

"It is rare to hear genuinely original music these days, but when you listen to the Crooked Fiddle Band, your mouth will drop open."
Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

"This set has been absolutely jam-packed with mind-blowing, face-melting, jaw-dropping, head-spinning moments, and will surely stay in the minds of those lucky enough to witness it for a very long time."
Jazmin O'Sullivan, themusic.com.au


>> The Idea of North

"A cappella is sometimes thought of as being minimalist, but when you can sing and entertain like The Idea of North a band would just get in the way - such musicianship!"
James Morrison

"You haven't truly experienced music until you've heard Stayin' Alive done a cappella. The way this quartet tackled it, complete with in-sync disco dance moves, showed just why they are so highly regarded around the world."
The Advertiser

"In terms of quality of ensemble and elegance of arrangements, this group's work is in the same league as that of The Swingle Singers in their heyday. On top of that, they incorporate a wry, deadpan Australian sense of humour that made their performance immensely entertaining."
David M. Schwartz, Sydney Cabaret Convention

"The Idea of North a four member a cappella group, were measured and absorbing. Like ABBA dipped in velvet, Trish Delaney Brown, Naomi Crellin, Nick Begbie, and Andrew Piper, were witty, in tune and certain contenders for an award."
Sydney Morning Herald

>> The Kransky Sisters

"The success of the show lies in the precision of the music, and a narrative that lures the audience, rocking with laughter into a totally unsavoury, insular world".
The Independent, Scotland

"The Kransky Sisters are three blissfully deadpan characters, who are blissfully unaware of why they are funny."
Adam Hills Comedian

"If Dame Edna ever retired to the Outback and procreated, the result might be something like the Kranskys."
The Scotsman

>> Tim 'Rosso' Ross

"Last night was fabulous. Tim is the most amazing MC, so easy to work with and really figured out the crowd early. He definitely mentioned all the points we needed and everyone really enjoyed his comedy. Please pass on our thanks again to him – he really made the night flow wonderfully!”
Asha – NRMA

>> Tim Jarvis

“Tim was the perfect opening speaker to our workshop.  He inspired our group with his personal Polar projects and experiences, showing them that big ideas can be made into reality.  His key message stayed with the participants throughout the workshop, enabling them to channel the “thinking is good, doing is better” philosophy into innovative thinking in sustainability.” 
Dermot O’Gorman, CEO WWF-Australia, June 2012

“Tim Jarvis was the guest speaker at the RANZCO Eye Foundation’s 10th Anniversary Dinner.  Tim’s inspirational tales of his polar expeditions had the audience mesmerised – there were 240 guests and you could have heard a pin drop. We also really appreciated Tim providing his time in support of eye health and donating an auction prize, which achieved the highest bid on the night.” 
Jacinta Spurrett, CEO, RANZCO Eye Foundation, June 2012

“Tim Jarvis held a full house audience of 170 adults and children spellbound at the Royal Geographical Society’s Singapore branch with a riveting account of his polar expeditions, how the lessons learned from these experiences can be applied to everyday life, and his work as an environmental scientist with the consulting engineering firm Arup. Ranging from his plans to re-enact Shackleton’s epic rescue mission across the Southern Ocean in a small boat in 1916, through practical tips on how to scare off an inquisitive polar bear, to his personal life philosophy,Tim’s talk was eye-opening, fascinating and inspiring for everyone in the room.”  
Pete Read, Treasurer, Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Singapore branch, June 2012

“Tim did a fabulous job of motivating over 100 Ernst & Young Partners and Staff, with a vivid and passionate account of his Shackleton expedition. Tim eloquently told his story, and was able to draw clear and relevant linkages between his harrowing exploration and the business world. His presentation was relevant, engaging and very memorable for all who were fortunate enough to be there. We will be looking for opportunities to work with Tim again in the future and we wish him every success with his next venture. A truly inspiring story which our team will not easily forget. Thanks again!” 
Stephen Koss, Partner – Ernst & Young, May 2013 

>> Tim Minchin

“If you’re going to play big spaces, this is the way to do it; with a 55-piece orchestra and a juggernaut full of showmanship, making this a big show in every sense…a superlative night out.”

“Minchin…the insanely gifted Australian is rounding off the year with an audacious show that sees him accompanied on stage by the 55-piece Heritage Orchestra…Taken all in all, a thing of jaw-dropping wonder.”
Daily Telegraph, London

“Tim Minchin comes on and the crowd explodes… the kohl-eyed, back-combed, piano-playing Minchin… lives up to the hype. A slight, barefoot figure, he is a consummate pianist as well as an excellent comedian.”
Daily Telegraph, London

“If there’s an artist more naturally disposed to a hybrid of pop and orchestration, I do not know his name”.
The Age, Melbourne

“Minchin gave full rein to his musical genius, launching satirical songs like hand grenades into the crowd’s sensibilities”
The Sunday Mail, Adelaide

“Don’t be conned by the use of “vs” in the advertising. Minchin and his orchestras work magnificently together for 2.5 hours”
The Australian

“All up, Ready For This? is one of the most entertaining 2 hours of comedy you could experience. It’s a night of constant laughter, entertainment and deep thinking peppered with witty lyrics and first class musical prowess. An absolute must…”
Daily Telegraph, Sydney

“Tim Minchin is a genius, pure and simple. He is to musical comedy what Charles Darwin was to evolution and what Einstein was to physics and moustaches. You’d be hard pushed to find a more sublimely talented comedian. Handsome, hysterical and divinely musically gifted – you can go off people, you know!”
Tim Arthur, Time Out

“One of our all time favourite comics. This remarkable Aussie is a musical genius and quite unlike anyone else out there.”
Time Out

“Guaranteed to bring the house down.”

“One of the funniest and most amazing shows you will ever see.”
Daily Telegraph, Sydney

“Simultaneously an excellent stand-up comedian, a purveyor of physical comedy, an accomplished musician and a lyricist of diabolical ingenuity. Witty, smart, and unabashedly offensive.”
The Age, Melbourne

“Minchin is a genuine musical virtuoso, whose songs are constructed and sung with an attention to detail that would make Rufus Wainwright sit up and look nervous. And that’s even before we get to the jokes.”
The Times, London

“Articulate, thoughtful, dry and unashamedly polysyllabic… dark irreverent and talented… excellent, provoking, funny.”
The Age, Melbourne

“Take out a second mortgage, sell the car, and put the money on the safest bet you’ll ever make in this uncertain world: that Tim Minchin will be the next big thing in musical comedy”.
Time Out, London

“He plays like an angel, sings like the rock star he always wanted to be and has a devil of a sense of humour. This is an extraordinary performer.”
The Scotsman, Edinburgh

“Tim Minchin is simply superb in the role. He sings amazingly well, but it is his face full of weary intelligence that keeps the heart of the show pure, in the midst of all the amplification (the sound is very much that of a rock gig) and razzmatazz…But it is Minchin who proves that Jesus Christ Superstar is a work of conceptual genius.”
The Telegraph

“Tim Minchin’s Judas Iscariot commands attention from the moment he steps on stage. Understated, focused and powerful, Minchin’s vocal oozes raw emotion and tells the story in an array of compelling colour. When Minchin is on stage all other sensation is lost, you live, you breathe to hear and see what he has to say or do next.”
The Yorkshire Times

“Tim Minchin, as Judas, is possibly the real star of the show, looking every inch the rock star and with an astonishing voice to match. His portrayal is both menacing but compassionate.”
The Nottingham Post

“Tim Minchin’s voice and performance are impeccable and his Judas is charismatic and strangely alluring. His rendition of Superstar is bold and fervent, and his death scene is the most poignant moment of all.”
Herald Sun, Australia

“It is Minchin, though, who dominates — as he must.

Two of his set pieces are bookends of the show. He reveals a fine higher vocal register as he bursts out of the blocks with Heaven on Their Minds and then leads the full ensemble cast of 50 in the rousing finale of the title song, Jesus Christ Superstar, which had the audience on their feet.”
West Australian

>> Tom Ballard

“[Ballard’s] material, most importantly, absolutely kills…It’s tightly paced, it’s perfectly delivered and it’s funny as hell… ★★★★★” 
Time Out Sydney

“Consistently, acutely hilarious… ★★★★” 
Herald Sun

"Ëxcellent, unflinching and at times brutally funny…[Ballard’s] natural poise and charming on-stage persona means he appears likely to have a long career ahead… ★★★★” 
The Age

"One of the most fearless and hilarious voices in Australian comedy."
Wil Anderson

“Savagely funny… ★★★★”
Chortle [UK]

>> Tom Gleeson

"Tom Gleeson was a huge hit at our 2013 Employee of the Year dinner. It was obvious that he had researched the audience and tailored his act to be relevant to them. The guests were in fits of laughter throughout the routine, and Tom was a consummate professional both onstage and off."
Cameron Tannock, HR Manager - Adelaide Casino

“His wit is lethal.”
Sydney Morning Herald

"Gleeson’s show is a winner."
The Age

“Quick-witted and charismatic.”
Daily Telegraph

"Tall-tale-telling manner that constantly engages."
The Age

“Tom Gleeson will definitely satisfy.”
Adelaide Advertiser

“People were literally holding their stomachs and rocking with laughter during Gleeson's show. The audience was hooked and honking with laughter.”
Adelaide Advertiser

>> Tracey Spicer

“Wickedly witty and wonderfully wise.”
Wendy Harmer

“Glows with the wisdom of a woman who has learned essential truths.”
Caroline Overington

"Thanks again for such an extraordinary interview the other night – I’m still having people say how fantastic and nuanced and perfectly pitched you were."
Jemma Birrell – Sydney Writer’s Festival

"You were brilliant! Thank you so much for Race Day last Saturday which for us was a great success. You played a large part in the success of the day with your 3 p’s namely professionalism, poise and positiveness."
Jim O’Brien – Wheelchair Sports NSW

"Tracey Spicer is an entertaining and inspirational speaker. She is truly authentic and we were honoured to have her at our ExtraOrdinary Women event for International Women’s Day. She held the attention of everyone in the room. Our delegates were so impressed with her presentation that they are already signing up for next year! I can highly recommend Tracey as a speaker at any event. It was an absolute pleasure to work with her. She is an amazing woman who is really making a difference in the world."
Dr Annemarie Christie – The Children’s Doctor

"We would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking out the time to be the MC of The Ronald Ball. There has been a lot of positive feedback about the tremendous job you did."
Ally Webb – RMHC Ball Committee

>> Tripod

"One of the funniest things happening in Edinburgh right now, or possibly the world, there's hardly time to catch your breath in between bouts of uncontrollable laughter. These guys are unbelievable musicians too. Sometimes five stars just aren't enough."
The Scotsman, Edinburgh

"Tripod could be a comedy trio or just a very strange, very talented rock band."
Adelaide Advertiser

"A beautifully performed rollercoaster ride of captivating nonsense, fabulous comedy and music... definitely go and see them!"
The Scotsman

"Obscenely talented. A festival highlight."
The Age, Melbourne

"The funniest musical comedy act in the country."
Herald Sun, Melbourne

>> Turia Pitt

"Turia is the definition of unique. Above all I know her to be thoroughly disarming - warm, funny, and enganging with a wicked sense of humor. She is a woman of great strength, courage, and character who sets her own course in life, and refuses to take herself too seriously. She makes you feel good about life."
Executive Producer, 60 Minutes

"Turia Pitt is the strongest person I know. She's also smart, tough, funny and forthright."
Michael Usher

"Turia Pitt is one of the most vibrant and inspiring young women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her zest for life, humility, sense of humour and passion shine so brightly. I am blown away by her courage and selflessness dedicating herself to charity and the lives of others. She is fiercely determined and an incredible speaker, but also so warm and generous with her time. I am so humbled to know Turia and will be forever in awe of her."
Annabelle Chauncy, Founder 'School of Life'

"I met Turia Pitt when we were both judges on the Women's Weekly Women of the Future Awards. Her energy, enthusiasm and intelligence shone in a room full of accomplished women. If you get a chance to meet her or hear from her, grab it!"
Leigh Sales

"Turia's presentation was very well received with glowing feedback received from all attendees, all of our expectations were truly met. Turia will be highly recommended to our wider network and suppliers.Turia was inspirational, funny, moving and drove a clear message to our audience. You could hear a pin drop!"
Landmark National Conference

"A wryly observant and earthed speaker, Turia received a standing ovation from healthcare managers."
Australian Association of Practice Management National Conference

"We've had some pretty incredible speakers grace the Business Chicks stage, but few have moved our community like Turia Pitt. Turia not only owned the stage with her presence and strength, but delivered a heart-warming, thought-provoking and entertaining presentation which captured the hearts and minds of all who attended and got them on their feet."
Business Chicks

"Simply AMAZING! Turia's presence on the stage captivated our audience. Her ability to overcome the physical trauma of her experience and then battle through the mental and emotional challenges that followed is justly inspiring. Turia was able to share her brave story with connection to our audience, who were completely silent for the duration, until the end when Turia was given a 100% standing ovation. Turia is a truly remarkable human. We would recommend Turia as an inspirational or motivational speaker with absolute enthusiasm."
Place Conference
"Turia is an inspiration to all Australians. A highly engaging, honest and insightful speaker, her story is one of incredible courage and we thank her for sharing it with us."
Sydney Roosters

"Turia's tenacity, resilience and drive to beat and conquer everything left a buzz across the room that was indescribable. She is an absolutely remarkable young woman."
Westpac Agribusiness Women in Business High Tea

>> Yossi Ghinsberg

Spectacular, inspiring, emotional, breathtaking... all of these superlatives and more have been used by delegates who were privileged to hear you. You have touched many hearts with your wonderful story and people who have now read your book following the conference keep talking about ‘this inspiring man called Yossi Ghinsberg.”
Travelscene American Express

“Yossi, thank you! Your story was truly amazing and your message was right on target with the entire audience.”
IBM Global Services

“Thank you for your invaluable contribution to our recent Nokia Day conference. Your address was perfectly suited to our theme. Feedback received from the group was outstanding which can only be attributed to your ability to communicate the events you experienced whilst in the Amazon. The storytelling at the themed dinner was superb with all staff mesmerized by your presentation.”

“It's always a challenge to find speakers of the right calibre for these high profile events. Your story was both fascinating and challenging. You possess the extremely rare gift of a great storyteller with the ability to create word pictures which capture the imagination of an audience and take them on a journey with you. We look forward to an opportunity to work with you again in the future."


“A force of nature.”
Jimmy Page

“An interstellar ride with the most exquisite psychedelic rock goddess around! Tipping a hat to the doors, but not only that, flipping it up into the air and catching it as a different hat and looking damn good in it, moments of intimate 5th dimension genius, then taken down to the roots of rock ’n bluesy soul to lift the hearts and feet in order to kick down those doors of perception!” 
Creative Evolution

“Z-Star has a surreal presence that draws you in and puts you under her spell. She commands attention with her powerful voice and well-crafted musicianship.”
Beat Magazine

“Destined to touch the hearts of free and sensitive people, bringing joy, freedom and emotion.”
Vogue Italia

“Zee [is] the next Jim Morrison and the 21st Century Doors.”
Music Worldwide

“Sublime…A creative masterpiece."
Blues & Soul

“Wonderful! Creative, seductive, just downright great!”
Louder Than War

“Rolling Stone have proclaimed Z-STAR as having the new sound of heavy soul and rock n roll, and we can’t help but agree. They’re the band who seemed to skip to ‘emerging’ status and jump straight to bigger things.”
Forte Magazine

“New blues star of the future.”
The Blues Magazine

"Dangerous, seductive, edgy, profound and impressively unpredictable."
Exposure Music Awards UK

“Z-Star just simply tore the stage apart with their incredible musicianship & hi-octane performance. If they had delivered any more energy the stage would have exploded. Zee Gachette you were born a star and you and your band were the highlight of our festival.”
Blenheim Camping & Music Festival

“The voice of the globe, electrifying songs, and (Zee’s) evocative stage presence… ”
Vanity Fair

“The feedback we have received from the festival audience has been positively phenomenal. Zee’s high energy raw stage performance at the opening concert for the festival blew the many thousands of Canberrans away. Zee’s incredible presence on stage, her raw sound and brilliant voice pushed to its limits, ensured everyone at the festival remained mesmerised. We look forward to hosting Zee and her band once again in the not too distant future.”
National Multicultural Festiva

>> Z-Star Delta

"A force of nature!"
Jimmy Page

"Zee puts you under her spell."
Beat Magazine

"Z-Star Delta offer up a smorgasbord of tunes, effects and rhythms. One minute you’re rocking and then you’re in a science fiction movie! Deep down and dirty rendition of ‘I Put a Spell on You’ – complex and enthralling, and how does she drum like that AND SING!"
Australian Stage

"Nitrous-injected hyper-blues that spiritually hail from the Mississippi Delta....Z-Star Delta feature Zee Gachette’s driving drums, acoustic guitar and Earth mama vocals (often all at the same time), and Sebastien’s hypnotic psych and slide guitars. Charismatic, vibrant, original...sending a shock wave of sonic power throughout the venue."
100% Rock Magazine                                                                                                                                    

"Some bands open doors in your mind but Z-Star Delta are what’s on the other side. This is the rock fusion, blue soul illusion, voodoo cooking, graveyard looking, super sliding band that will slip inside your soul as soon as look at you and light you up days to come. They are the most authentic musical adventure I have seen in years."
Creative Evolution UK)

"The duo had the audience entranced with their evocative stage presence. Great musical diversity!"
Rip It Up (AUS)

"Zee put you under her spell."
Beat Magazine (AUS)

"Z-Star Delta are the REAL, REAL, REAL deal!"
4ZZZ 102.1fm (AUS)

"Absolutely stunning. Z-Star Delta were on fire! They had everyone spellbound from the get go. Pure class!"
Coolham Live Music Club (UK)

"A rare blend of power and delicacy, delivered with an audience engagement that can’t be learned."
Baha Music Bar (AUS)