Bek Jensen

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Bek Jensen

Sydney songwriter, Bek Jensen, delivers her vocals in a way that is moving, heartfelt, identifiable, and filled with 100% soul. With a dynamic stage presence, this powerful vocalist brings a blend of classic soul, disco, and contemporary blues to the stage. Time to dance.

Bek Jensen grew up in an exceptionally talented family with both her parents working as professional musicians in Australia.  Always surrounded by live music and wrapped in a blanket of classic soul, blues, jazz, country and gospel music, she started performing at a young age and found that she had an intense passion for the stage.

Already established as an in-demand backing vocalist from the age of 16, Bek has recorded and toured nationally with Australia’s iconic artists including Cold Chisel, Jimmy and Mahalia Barnes, Marcia Hines, Tina Harrod, The Sleepy Jackson, Paul McDermott, Jackie Orszaczky and Clayton and Lachy Doley to name just a few and has released numerous original recordings, signed and unsigned, under different guises.

Bek will be releasing her new EP in 2023.