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Bek Jensen

Hailing from Sydney, Bek Jensen emerges as one of the city’s most dynamic artists, bringing forth a fusion of retro-soul, funk, and RnB that transcends genres and invites audiences on a euphoric voyage. With an innate ability to delve into the intricacies of love and vitalising her story as an empowered woman, Bek captivates with her raw authenticity and glittering songcraft.

With a voice that is both moving and heartfelt, Bek delivers her music with 100% soul, creating a powerful and unforgettable sound leaving audiences spellbound in a kind of roller boogie wonderland. Onstage, she is womanly, flirty, and vibrant, blending soul, funk and contemporary blues music to deliver her dynamic performance.

Bek grew up in a family of musicians. Surrounded by constant live music, she developed a deep appreciation for a range of genres, including soul, rock n roll, blues, jazz, country, and gospel music. It wasn’t long before she found her own passion for the stage and began performing with her mother at the famous Kings Cross venue, Springfields at a young age.

Bek quickly established herself as an independent artist and in-demand backing vocalist. She has worked with some of Australia’s most iconic artists, including Cold Chisel, Jimmy Barnes, The Sleepy Jackson, and Lachy Doley, among others. Her rich tone and ability to blend seamlessly with other musicians is a testament to her exceptional talent and versatility.

The latest step for Bek Jensen is her independently released album Energy. Recorded and co/produced with Declan Kelly at, The Nest Studio, in Sydney, her new songs are joyful reflections of her life as an empowered woman living her truth with integrity and grace.


  • Sip & Savour, NSW
  • November Nights, NSW
  • ChillOut, VIC
  • Winter Blues, VIC
  • Good Times Festival, NSW


Jimmy Barnes, Ash Grunwald, Marcia Hines, Sleepy Jackson and Tim Rogers.