Dr Ginni Mansberg

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Dr Ginni Mansberg

A GP for over 18 years, Dr Ginni Mansberg brings warmth, humanity and, most of all, humour to her advice on health and wellbeing. As Channel 7’s resident doctor on “Sunrise” and “Morning Show”, Dr Ginni walks viewers through everything from acne to tuberculosis, premenstrual syndrome to heart disease. Ginni also connects with health conscious Aussies all over Australia as the “Body&Soul” radio show’s resident doctor.

With a full household of 6 children, Dr Ginni is also the health expert for Women’s Health magazine where she provides her readers with the hard to find answers to the most niggling health questions, and a columnist for “Practical Parenting” magazine with followers that have come to rely on her sane and practical advice.

As the co-author of bestselling book “Why am I so Tired?” Ginni is sought after as a speaker on sleep, beating stress, wellness and life balance in addition to a range of general health and medical related topics. Somehow Ginni also finds the time to act as the ambassador for the “Barnardos Mother of the Year” competition and also “BeMedicinewise” – a National Prescribing Service campaign for people to use their medicines properly.

In her general practice in Sydney’s Sans Souci, Ginni has pursued a special interest in Women’s Health and Pediatrics. A speculum in one hand and a tissue box in the other to mop up tears of relief and pain, Ginni says being a GP and sharing in the lives of her patients keeps her grounded.

As a wife and a mother in a blended family of eight, Dr Ginni has also completed a Graduate Diploma of Journalism. Whether she is writing columns, appearing on TV or working as a general practitioner, Ginni is always natural and engaging and can’t help but to bring a fresh take to her advice.