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Effie Stephanides

This Working-Class Cultural Icon and Logie Award winning legend has been in our hearts and homes for over 3 decades. Star of the phenomenally successful stage show: ‘Wogs out of Work’. And smash TV shows: ‘Acropolis Now’, ‘Effie: Just Quietly’ and ‘Greeks on the Roof’ She’s the author of ‘Effie’s Guide to Being Upyourself’ And the star of the critically acclaimed one-woman show: ‘Effie the Virgin Bride’ as well as the stage show ‘Star Wogs – The Ethnics Strike Back’ Back on stage in 2019 with her new show “Effie in Love Me Tinder”.

A few words from the cultural icon herself:

A star was born the day I hit the TV screens of Australia in Acropolis Now in the late 80’s. I’m gonna say one word: “stole the show”. I’m gonna say another word: Logie Award. Good thanks.

Culturally I have shifted bias, preconceptions and plenty of merchandise. But my work here is not done people. I will dedicate my life to liberate, entertain and uplift the public whilst adding much appreciated cash to my coffers. Corporate clients gimme a call and I’ll lift youse up where youse belong, where the eagles fly on a mountain high. Let me, help youse, help me.

My Unlimited Abilities

  • Entertainer
  • Interviewer
  • Social commentator
  • Debater
  • Moderator
  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Keynote speaker

Topics of Discussion

  • Empowerment
  • Motivational
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Identity/Diversity
  • Modern Day Woman

Effie’s Guide To Being Upyourself by Effie

As we all know the most famous book in the world was written ages ago. It was called ‘The Bible’. Well youse will be thrilled to know another bible has been written since then and it’s called ‘Effie’s Guide to Being Upyourself’ This incredible piece of literature is aimed at anyone who needs a GPS to find their best self. Whether you’re a teenager, a Uni student, a primary school student, a CEO, a hairdresser, a plumber, a farmer, whether your Gay, A, Straight or not exactly sure mate. This piece priceless gold can change lives and hairstyles at the same time. Boofheads put your dreams and self esteems on track with this psychological Google Maps Guide to the best youse. It’s funny, it’s practical and it’s a life-changing piece of art. A work of genius. Even if I do say so myself.


“Effie brought the house down and I suspect whatever she had argued, she’d have shifted votes which is presumably why Tony Jones asked if she’d consider running for office.”
Georgina Dent
On 2018 Diversity Debate – Women’s Agenda

“Wow – what a night! The feedback from guests and staff has been absolutely incredible. Your comical anecdotes were a great hit and your banter with Larry was very entertaining. I can’t begin to thank you for your contribution in making our Client Appreciation Party a night that will be remembered for many years to come”
Helen Brodie
Commercial Manager – Australia Post

“The standard of entertainment was second to none. As Master of Ceremonies, you delighted the audience as well as conveying all our key messages in your own unique wicked way. It was a night we will all remember.”
Geoffrey Williams
CEO – 2002 Gay Games