Jude Perl

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Jude Perl



  • WINNER Green Room Award Cabaret Artiste (2019)
  • WINNER Melbourne Fringe Best Cabaret (2018)
  • WINNER Green Room Award Best Original Songs (2018, 2017, 2016)\
  • NOMINEE Melbourne Fringe Best Music (2019)


“Jude, you made me laugh, cry and then do that weird laugh-cry thing where you aren’t
exactly sure what emotions you’re feeling but snot and tears are dribbling down your
face yet you’re still laughing. ★★★★★” – AU Review

“One of the most genuine, honest feeling performers going around” – Theatre People
“Punny, engaging and clever. She belts out a song with all the energy and dynamism of
Stevie Wonder” – The Australian

“Our laughter is genuine and uncomfortable, as we are guilty too. That’s what good
artists do. They open up about something in themselves that we have somewhere in us
too” – Theatre Press


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