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Karan Nagrani

The Blind Marketer – Disability Advocate – Nominee for Blind Australian of the Year, Karan Nagrani has had an extensive career in marketing and graphic design, working across mining, energy and not-for-profits in a career spanning almost two decades. He is also blind. Bit of a head scratcher right? Diagnosed at 11 with Usher Syndrome, a rare degenerative and incurable condition leading to complete blindness, Karan’s perspective is very unique.

An excellent communicator and creative talent, he was drawn to marketing, graphic design and communications. Fast forward to his thirties and Karan’s vision loss had progressed to more than 97% leaving him with no night or peripheral vision and a narrowing field of sight. Determined not to allow his vision loss to impact his life and motivated by a desire to help others with low/no-vision and disability, he now works as a disability advocate, campaigning for social change, accessible workplaces and an inclusive society.

Karan was born in India and moved to Australia in 2006. Through his disability journey Karan has had to deal with the slow and progressive loss of his sight, a challenge only few would be prepared for and let alone capable of navigating. how would you manage knowing you’re going blind? Emerging from his vision loss as a mental health warrior Karan has now dedicated his life to disability advocacy.

With the tagline, Pretty Fly for a Blind Guy – Karan’s take on life and the world around us is fresh, real and extremely relatable. A natural comedian, Karan’s communication style, whether through his various social media channels or public speaking is raw, unfiltered and from the heart. A proud member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Karan is deeply passionate about breaking down misconceptions about vision loss, the “invisible disabilities” and ableist stereotypes. Karan says that blind people can be gay, person-of-colour and don’t have to have six pack to live a full and rewarding life.


  • Accessibility for the blind/low-vision
  • Employment opportunity for the blind/low-vision
  • Inclusivity in the LGBTQIA+ community, especially for the disabled
  • The cross-roads of Mental health, Sexuality and Cultural Diversity
  • “Blindness is a Spectrum” – Breaking down misconceptions on blindness/vision loss
  • Cultural duality: life as a first-generation migrant, Indian when I’m in Australia an Australian when I’m India
  • Courage in the face of adversity: staying mentally strong and positive despite what life throws at you.


“Karan is an incredibly positive and loving person to be around. He is excellent at reaching out to people and getting them to engage to talk about low vision, blindness disabilities and being inclusive in community. I recommend him as an incredible advocate, ambassador and spokesperson to help further understanding. Karan is incredible as an educator and facilitator on inclusivity and acceptance in community.  His work has been a game changer for our festival and community.”
Emma Ireland – Director, Chillout Festival

“We were very privileged to have Karan present to us, he is a funny and entertaining.  Karan opened our perceptions to how people with retinitis pigmentosa, low vision and blindness function within a world of full sighted people. A very interesting and informative presentation.”
Sharon Hall – Water Corporation