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Kerryn Fields

Fuelled by humility, integrity and a raw clarity of vision, Kerryn Fields paints enduring musical portraits that detail the colour and feeling of everything that makes us human.

Drawing comparisons with the likes of timeless creators, Cat Stevens, Townes Van Zandt, Joan Baez, Neil Young, and more, Fields’ trademark warmth of character – evident in both life and music – fuels a creative offering that’s equal parts captivating, refined and heartrendingly insightful.

It’s for good reason too, because life is something this artist has lived. Fields grew up in Te Kūiti, NZ, a farming community in which both her family and others’ work hard to make ends meet. With Mum on guitar and Dad fuelling an obsession with radio, cassettes and vinyl LPs by all of music’s greats, there was a life lesson in every song of Fields’ childhood.

With one hand on guitar and the other firmly upon heart, music moved Fields through a time when chronic illness, family separations and the weight of life changes presented this artist with her biggest challenges yet. It would be her relocation to Melbourne during which Fields would settle into her most significant relationship to date: that with her newfound network of fellow career singers, songwriters and performers. Life as she’d known it would change forever.

Newstead Live Music Festival’s Troubadour Artist of the Year (2019), winner of the MLT Songwriting Award (NZ Country Music Awards 2019) and New Zealand’s Best New Broadcaster (at age 19), Kerryn Fields has released a range of celebrated records including debut LP, Rascal (2015) and award-winning, critically acclaimed single, Mamma (2019).

Sure, her music speaks volumes. But it’s the captivating warmth and courage of this artist that really leaves the audience shining from the inside-out.


QUEENIE (Official Video)
UNTIL YOU – with Sam Lohs & Rosie Burgess
MAMMA (With If You See Her, Say Hello)

SONGWRITING WORKSHOPS (up to 60 minutes)

Kerryn Fields, a prolific and hugely engaging songwriter who wrote a song every week for a year and posted them online, won the MLT Award for songwriting in NZ Country Music and is described as “Pure Magic” 

Get creative and be inspired to enjoy songwriting and storytelling, open to all storytellers, poets, dreamers and music lovers.


“A joyous presence.”

“An incredible voice. Pure magic.”
Radio13 NZ

“An unexpected surprise.”
13th Floor