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Lori Bell

Lori’s comedy career has seen her collect a stack of awards including an Adelaide Fringe Award, as well as being a three time winner of both the Adelaide Comedy People’s Choice and Host of the Year. She recently finished a sold out season of the five star reviewed show ‘Lori Bell – Making Babies’ about her not so glamorous entrance into motherhood.

Lori also has hosted many events from music and arts festivals, to TV shows like “the Divide” and “Raucous Caucus” for Channel 44.

Bell also performs as her comedy alter ego Granny Flaps, where she has toured Australia with Puppetry of the Penis and performed at many Big Day Outs.

Lori was the MC for Winter Comfest in 2019 alongside Dane Simpson and Nazeem Hussain and will MC again in 2022 alongside The Kransky Sisters, Zoe Coombs Marr and Sam Taunton.

Lori has also worked as an actor having starred in the ABC TV series Lost in Pronunciation, toured with State Theatre, and won a Melbourne Greenroom Award for her work.


Multi award winning comedian, Lori Bell brings us her comedy creation, Granny Flaps. This ukulele lady has sold out shows across Australia, toured with, ‘Puppetry of the Penis’, played at the ‘Big Day Out’ and even won a Fringe Award for ‘Granny Flaps – Opens Up’.  Flaps blends music, comedy, and a good dose of audience interaction to tell her stories of life, love and special little toy collection.


“Lori Bell is an exemplary comedian with a confident stage presence, a vast repertoire of jokes, and an infectious enthusiasm which allows her to bring the audience all the way along for the ride.”

“This is a professional show, the writing is tight, and Granny Flaps has a natural repartee with the audience. There were calls for an encore – always a good sign.”
– Adelaide Now

“Even prudes will find themselves reviling in this Granny’s dirty little secrets, but be warned this card-carrying member of the blue rinse set has had decades to perfect the perverse.”
– Melbourne Herald Sun