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Smokey and evocative, MARZ’s voice carries an emotional weight which elevates listeners to a place of escape and serenity but with visceral delivery.

With music dripping in white hot urgency,  MARZ to delivers his first single, ‘The Master’s Slave’. Summoning the energy and dark secrets of the inner city with Australian rock influences harking back to the 70s and 80’s, Marz’ music is exciting and dangerous. Delivering a taut, focused and sinewy rock sound devoid of excess, MARZ draws on rock royalty like The Angels and AC/DC but tempers this with melodic flourishes harking back to the masters of 60s folk.  Rock is back. Marz is leading the charge.

Performing hard edged rock and roll dressed like an unhinged legal secretary from the 50’s, Marz seeks to remove and redefine the inherent sexism from this era of rock and roll, and empower us all to enjoy it’s danger and white hot thrill. Infusing this cocktail with pop hooks and singalong chorus’s only serves to sweeten the deal.

Stealing the jagged hooks of rock, indie and the cheap thrill of pop, Marz meditates on ideas as varied as the paranoia of the city and also the distance that can develop between people that were once very close. All the while delivering these themes with chorus’s that lift and harmonies that echo back to the masters of  folk.


  • Marz – Lead Vocals & Guitar
  • Row Murray – Bass & Vocals
  • Cara Boehme – Keys & Vocals
  • Toby Langue – Drums


The Master’s Slave


The Master’s Slave
Snapping at their Heels