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Naomi Simson

Naomi Simson started her entrepreneurial journey with RedBalloon in 2001 from her front room with just $25,000 and a second-hand computer – it is now considered one of Australia’s online business success stories.

RedBalloon is an online “experience” gift retailer which has sold more than 3 million experiences and featured on BRW magazine’s Great Places to Work list five years in a row.

From its humble, home-based beginnings a decade ago, RedBalloon is considered a brand success story – with it’s mantra Give, Share Live, it supports more than 3000 activity partners throughout Australia and New Zealand

Before founding RedBalloon, Naomi worked for big businesses including IBM, Apple, KPMG and Ansett Airlines – all of which influenced her views on workplaces.

Naomi is a speaker, author, blogger, entrepreneur and LinkedIn Influencer with 1.5 million followers, with whom she shares her insights, experience and observations about business, innovation and success.

Naomi is passionate about great workplaces and her entrepreneurial energy is focused on, a leadership tool that drives the alignment of teams through recognition and reward. Along with her investments from Season 1 & Season 2 of Shark Tank, Naomi is a keen investor and supporter of the start up community.

In 2015, Naomi released the best seller Live What You Love, and May 2016, saw her newest release Ready To Soar hit the book stores.


    • Small Business Success
    • Live what you love – personal development
    • One Life: The melding of work and family
    • How to build an award-winning culture
    • The Customer Loyalty Mirror
  • Leadership – Who are you to not be great
  • So you want to start a business – Ready to Soar
  • The Entrepreneurial Journey




“Naomi was brilliant! She was very accommodating for our event needs and then provided an insightful keynote. We have received so much positive feedback.”
Enterprises & Training Company Limited

“Her style was engaging and her message struck a chord, was timely and pitched at just the right level!”
Air New Zealand

“I have heard Naomi speak on many occasions and she is charming, articulate and riveting.”
Amanda Gome, Founder & Publisher, SmartCompany

“There was so much about Naomi’s session that really resonated. Naomi’s authenticity and her lessons around the importance of engaging and empowering our people, listening to our customers, knowing yourself and the role of leadership were all talked about for the remaining days of our conference. It was such a great talk around the importance of vision and values and the feedback I got afterwards from the team was overwhelmingly positive. We loved all of it and are very fortunate to have had Naomi at our session.”

“In a sea of potential presenters, Naomi Simson is one of the best there is. During her keynote she created considerable interest with RedBalloon and other examples, but also demonstrated a deep knowledge of business, people and organisational issues that people at management level related to and were able to learn from. There was an overwhelming sense of warmth and satisfaction after the events, much of it based on Naomi being a living example of what she preaches and putting it within reach of others.”

“Animated, dynamic, amusing … Naomi personifies RedBalloon’s culture. At a Hudson Human Resources celebration, Naomi’s candid insights, self-deprecating humour and unapologetic passion for her business kept the audience engaged, entertained and challenged to think differently. I highly recommend Naomi as an inspirational speaker.”

“Naomi was a dynamic, energetic and passionate speaker. She presented powerful and clear messages that not only resonated because they were personal accounts, but also provided a refreshing and honest viewpoint. It was also incredibly exciting to see a female all-rounder who has persevered and achieved such amazing success. Naomi was easy to work with, not demanding at all, and is definitely someone we would love to have join us again.”