Radical Son

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Radical Son

Radical Son heralds from the Kamilaroi nation and the South Pacific nation of Tonga.

After a 5-year hiatus Radical Son re-emerges to release songs from his forthcoming sophomore album “Bilambiyal”. Renowned for his inexplicably compelling concerts, moving lyrics, original rhyme, and spoken word, you can expect to witness a soulful presence like no other in this country.

From hip-hop roots to soulful social statements Radical Son is both potent and sublime. He conjures uncompromising visions and merciless lyrics of where we’ve come from and what could be. After an incredible transformational life journey, one that every man can relate to yet would never choose to go through, Radical Son naturally is Australia’s own big blak soul man with a capital M. He takes the listener on a sonic journey of contemplation providing thought-provoking content and insightful message.

Radical’s strong and long-term connection with the late great Uncle Archie sees him touring currently as part of the Archie Roach Tribute concerts now touring the country, and he is undoubtedly a shining light on this showcase of exceptional artists. Radical Son has recently received standing ovations at Port Fairy Folk Festival and Parrtjima Festivals 2023.