Ribongia & Jason Heerah

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Ribongia & Jason Heerah

Italian/Australian Artist-Producer Ribongia teams up with Mauritian/Australian Artist-Producer Jason Heerah to re-work a re-interpret well-known songs through the lens of Mauritian beloved style Seggae.

After meeting at the legendary Kapricorn Studio in Mauritius, the pair started to collaborate remotely during the first pandemic. Ribongia, fascinated by the sound of Seggae, decided to try to export the sound internationally by covering famous songs making it easier for international audiences to connect with the Mauritian Sound.

“As a foreigner working in music here in Mauritius I’m exposed to local styles on a daily basis. I was quickly fascinated by Seggae music and thought to myself, If I’m so blown away by this style what would the rest of the world think of it? During confinement, I had time to reflect on things and came to the conclusion that the best way to present this music abroad was to introduce audiences to the style via songs that they knew well. I’m very grateful to Jason as well as the process of making these tunes as it’s teaching me a lot about the rich heritage of Mauritian music,” Ribongia says.

Jason Heerah adds: “As an Australian-born Mauritian artist my goal was to contribute to the local scene my 15 plus years of being a touring artist abroad and bring a new approach to the local style. I’ve always wanted  other people abroad to be able to enjoy Seggae music as much as I did growing up. Meeting fellow artist-producer Ribongia was a great opportunity to be able to export the sound internationally.”

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  • Jason Heerah – Singer, Drums & Percussion
  • Antonio Rosselli Del Turco – DJ, Marimba, Samples
  • Alexander Margeot – Guitarist
  • Emlyn Marimoto – Singer, Percussionist, Dancer
  • Ophely Sauteur – Singer, Dancer