Samara Marzola

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Samara Marzola

Samara Marzola is the epitome of sleek and sensual rock. Embodying the essence of this genre, Samara, a transgender artist, fearlessly challenges the norms, injecting a refreshing and queer perspective into the world of rock. Samara’s voice carries an emotional weight that elevates listeners to a place of escape and serenity with visceral delivery.

Drenched in attitude, their signature style accentuated by last night’s smudged eyeliner, defies convention. Thinks little black dresses, flying Vs, and unapologetically catchy tunes will have you humming along for days. Samara knows that the true beating heart of rock lies in rebellion, power, humour, and authenticity. Time to enter the smokey and evocative realm of Samara Marzola.


  • Coastal Twist 2023
  • ChillOut 2023
  • Inland Sea of Sound 2022
  • AltFest on the Coast 2022
  • AltFest 2019, 2022
  • Garden of Unearthly Delights, Spiegeltent 2017



“Kicking the event off was Melbourne-based Marz with his backing band, who supplied a Glamanorous (not a spelling error) sass to the stage instantaneously. The four-piece’s brand of pop-pub-rock lands somewhere between the alternative rock of Placebo, the balladry of The Whitlams and a hint of grunge not too dissimilar to Bush. Marz himself was presented in a phenomenal Dr. Frank-N-Furter inspired outfit. The new single Horrorhead is an uppercut of punchy rock that motivated the audience impeccably; an act to lookout for as it feels like there is something brewing here which will grab the attention of enthusiasts on quite a large scale.”
GlamAdelaide – Altfest Review