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Take the charismatic energy found in alt rock and blend it with rhythmic synths and you will find yourself immersed in the charm of Sunsoli (formerly The Sea Gypsies). This 5-piece band from the Central Coast of NSW has captivated audiences around Australia at festivals including Beyond the Valley, Mountain Sounds and Lost Paradise with their dynamic stage show and lovable antics. They have also supported acts such as Birds of Tokyo, The Rubens, Ocean Alley and Winston Surfshirt.

Sunsoli explores the softer undertones of contemporary rock while still channelling the essence of surf rock that connects Sunsoli to their coastal roots.

Sunsoli made their mark with their 2019 debut album “Movements,” blending rock, blues, soul, and surf rock to create infectious melodies and powerful vocals with ‘Stronger’ and ‘Be Bold’ becoming fan favourites.

The creation of their latest album and music has been born from a fascination of the sun’s light as an ever-changing yet permanent presence in our lives. If scent pulls us back to a memory, then light speaks directly to the soul. Listen here.


They slap on the rose tinted glasses and spin a nostalgic and emphatic tale.”
Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

Your new soundtrack for any long drive. Sounding better than ever guys! Super impressed!
Claire Mooney, Triple J