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This Way North

Years on the road, touring in Australia and abroad, gave two-piece indie pop-rock band This Way North an appreciation for open space and adventure. Landing in north-east Victoria on Dhudhuroa country when the pandemic hit, long-time friends, collaborators, and partners, Jungalwalla and Leahy traded freedom on the road for a home amongst ancient trees and high-country valleys. This unexpected move, drawing in close and giving themselves the gift of stillness, prompted unbridled creativity and culminated in their upcoming debut album, ‘Punching Underwater’, set to be released in February 2024.

This Way North has previously been named Music Victoria’s Best Regional Act, and has continued their rise across Australia, New Zealand and Canada, supporting artists such as, Vika and Linda Bull, Ash Grunwald and Kate Ceberano. They’ve enjoyed killer sets at Australia and Canada’s favourite festivals, including Queenscliff, Mullumbimby, Wanderer, Woodford, Port Fairy in Australia and Mariposa, Ness Creek and Dawson City in Canada, sharing the stage with artists from Mavis Staples to Spider Bait.

Featuring the wondrous sounds of Christine Tootoo’s Inuit throat singing, recorded in Iqaluit, Arctic Canada, This Way North released the first single titled ‘My Love’ from the album, in October 2023, achieving national rotation on Double J and delighting their beloved fans. Produced by Ainslie Wills and Jono Steer, their forthcoming album, Punching Underwater, is set to be released in February 2024. The duo is in peak songwriting and performance form and is ready to grace all their favourite stages again, as well as a bunch of new ones.

Their new album features big harmonies and strong melodies. Whilst their previous records have been about traveling on the road, Punching Underwater travels within the self. The introspective nature came about when Cat and Leisha had the time and stillness to go inward and explore their own insecurities, imposter syndromes, and self-doubts. The battle of trying not to fall in love, confidence and self-love, anxiety, the highs of being content and happy, to the lows of war, the joy of evolution as a woman… there is something for everyone.

Full of rapturous nostalgia, This Way North’s music takes you from moody, tremolo-tinged heart-tuggers to pounding driving alt-psych rock through a sonic landscape of reverb-soaked guitars and rolling rhythms. With odes to 90’s rock sitting on air-tight grooves and full, cinematic spaciousness, This Way North’s music is a portal to summer festivals, their love affair with the road, and an open invitation to turn up the volume and let loose.




My Love
Driving Roads
You Be You
Beats Den
Feelin’ Good (Live)


  • Best Outer Suburban Act 2018 – The Age Music Victoria Awards
  • Play and interviews on Triple J
  • High rotation on Double J and ABC Radio National
  • Folk Alliance International Official Showcase New Orleans, USA
  • Port Fairy Folk Festival, AUSTRALIA
  • Woodford Folk Festival, AUSTRALIA
  • Queenscliff Music Festival, AUSTRALIA
  • Mullumbimby Music Festival, AUSTRALIA
  • Nannup Music Festival, WA
  • Dawson City Music Festival, Yukon CANADA
  • Ness Creek Music Festival, CANADA
  • North Country Fair, Alberta CANADA
  • Artswells Festival, Wells CANADA
  • Wanderer Festival, AUSTRALIA


“This Way North’s music is irresistible! Chewy, tasty hooks, incredible drum beats partnered with deliciously discreet guitar licks that dare your toes not to tap and your hips not to sway, all topped off with sweet vocal harmonies. Theirs is a sound that is delightful and familiar, yet completely fresh and new. On stage, this duo is absolutely captivating and disarming, bringing a light-hearted energy to the room and an ability to create lifelong fans in a matter of moments.” — Lisa Schwartz President of Folk Alliance International, Artistic Director Philadelphia Folk Festival

“Those rumbling drums, that sneaky little slide guitar line… the way it all comes together to become a lush, powerful piece of music that’s so easy to get caught up in.” Double J Radio

“These women are what makes music great. Energy, passion, beautifully crafted songs, kick-arse drummer, and a powerful frontwoman who combine to make sure you can’t stand still.” — Higgo Triple M Radio