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Tuck Shop Ladies

The triceps ain’t what they used to be, but the funny bone has only gotten sharper. The Tuck Shop Ladies are an amalgamation of Australian folk music darlings Sam Lohs (Fruit) and Rosie Burgess (Rosie Burgess Trio).

Armed with a pair of ukuleles and the sharpest of wits, the duo pull back the curtain to share an intimate selection of songs that truly showcase the ridiculousness of everyday life, in effortless harmony.

Since forming in 2019, the pair have taken the folk scene by storm, playing a huge number of festivals across Australia. Renowned for the joy they bring, and their palpable connection, the Tuck Shop Ladies bring a breath of fresh air to the stage with their infectious humour and audience engagement. In 2023, the Tuck Shop Ladies sold out their debut season at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, proving their 2022 nomination for the Australian Folk Music People’s Choice Award was well and truly deserved.

Their live show is an insight into the relationship of touring musicians, and the result of what happens when everyday life is a Broadway musical. The Tuck Shop Ladies invite you into their hilarious world and leave you wanting to run away on tour with the band.


“I love comedy-music duos, and Tuck Shop Ladies are my new favourites!”
Miss Chatelaine, Joy FM

“Strap yourself in for a wild ride – these women know how to hold a crowd. The Tuck Shop Ladies performance was the gig that everyone talked about at Happy Wanderer. If you missed it, you missed out!”
Programming Director, Happy Wanderer Festival

“You get a lot more than your average school lunch from these Tuck Shop Ladies… their songs are a smorgasbord of sly observation, toe tapping tunes and hilarious lyrics all delivered with sharp wit and a deadly accurate pair of ukuleles.”
Chris Thompson, Behind The Scenes, Vision Australia Radio


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