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Turia Pitt

Without a doubt, Turia Pitt is one of Australia’s most admired and widely recognised people. Renowned for her pure grit, indomitable spirit and passion for humanitarian work, Australians have taken Turia into their hearts and are deeply inspired by her.

In 2011, age 24, Turia was an ex-model, fitness fanatic and successful mining engineer when she was caught in a freak firestorm while competing in a 100km ultramarathon in Western Australia. She was choppered out of the remote desert barely alive, with full thickness burns to 64 percent of her body.

Surviving against overwhelming odds is the least of her achievements. Turia has gone on to thrive in the ultimate story of triumph over adversity.

In 2016 alone, Turia has competed in her first IRONMAN competition, and is releasing a new book and an online motivational program as well as walk the Kokoda trail to raise money for Interplast, a not for profit organisation that she is closely aligned to. Turia has raised close to $1 million since she began working with the organisation several years ago.

This engaging and refreshingly candid young woman will astonish you, inspire you and leave you in stitches. Her enthralling message of overcoming adversity and the need to never EVER give up will motivate you …out of your chair, and into life. The standing ovation Turia was given at her TED talk is a testament to her skills as an orator. Turia’s motto ‘never ever give up’ resonates with people from all walks of life – anyone, anywhere, who refuses to be limited by circumstance. She is a true and profound inspiration to all those she meets.


  • Applying Humour to Insurmountable Challenges
  • Be the Leader of Your Life
  • Embracing Change
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Success Always Leaves Clues
  • Unleash the Tiger Within
  • Unmask Your Potential


Turia Pitt Showreel
Turia Pitt on 60 Minutes
Turia Pitt TEDx Talk


“Turia is the definition of unique. Above all I know her to be thoroughly disarming – warm, funny, and enganging with a wicked sense of humor. She is a woman of great strength, courage, and character who sets her own course in life, and refuses to take herself too seriously. She makes you feel good about life.”
Executive Producer, 60 Minutes

“Turia Pitt is the strongest person I know. She’s also smart, tough, funny and forthright.”
Michael Usher

“Turia Pitt is one of the most vibrant and inspiring young women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Her zest for life, humility, sense of humour and passion shine so brightly. I am blown away by her courage and selflessness dedicating herself to charity and the lives of others. She is fiercely determined and an incredible speaker, but also so warm and generous with her time. I am so humbled to know Turia and will be forever in awe of her.”
Annabelle Chauncy, Founder ‘School of Life’

“I met Turia Pitt when we were both judges on the Women’s Weekly Women of the Future Awards. Her energy, enthusiasm and intelligence shone in a room full of accomplished women. If you get a chance to meet her or hear from her, grab it!”
Leigh Sales

“Turia’s presentation was very well received with glowing feedback received from all attendees, all of our expectations were truly met. Turia will be highly recommended to our wider network and suppliers.Turia was inspirational, funny, moving and drove a clear message to our audience. You could hear a pin drop!”
Landmark National Conference

“A wryly observant and earthed speaker, Turia received a standing ovation from healthcare managers.”
Australian Association of Practice Management National Conference

“We’ve had some pretty incredible speakers grace the Business Chicks stage, but few have moved our community like Turia Pitt. Turia not only owned the stage with her presence and strength, but delivered a heart-warming, thought-provoking and entertaining presentation which captured the hearts and minds of all who attended and got them on their feet.”
Business Chicks

“Simply AMAZING! Turia’s presence on the stage captivated our audience. Her ability to overcome the physical trauma of her experience and then battle through the mental and emotional challenges that followed is justly inspiring. Turia was able to share her brave story with connection to our audience, who were completely silent for the duration, until the end when Turia was given a 100% standing ovation. Turia is a truly remarkable human. We would recommend Turia as an inspirational or motivational speaker with absolute enthusiasm.”
Place Conference

“Turia is an inspiration to all Australians. A highly engaging, honest and insightful speaker, her story is one of incredible courage and we thank her for sharing it with us.”
Sydney Roosters

“Turia’s tenacity, resilience and drive to beat and conquer everything left a buzz across the room that was indescribable. She is an absolutely remarkable young woman.”
Westpac Agribusiness Women in Business High Tea